Why doesn't marketplace show all airrcaft I own

how does one get to see all aircraft in your owned foklder

Are you referring to items purchased through the MSStore/Marketplace, or freeware items?

from all payware and simflight purchases.from the store and from sites

Unless they were specifically made or fully adapted for MSFS they probably won’t and the best you can do is contact their devs and hope … but personally I think if they can’t even do that I wouldn’t want them on my PC anyway.


The marketplace won’t show anything acquired from any other place. Why would it? That’s like expecting to see apple apps in the microsoft store.

You can however see everything from the aircraft selection screen or the hanger.

Anything you buy outside the MarketPlace is most likely in the Community folder. ORBX purchases can be put into the Community folder or it’s own library. Not sure how the library work. I always just put them in the Community Folder.

But I think if you have ORBX put it into it’s own library it will probably put some link into the Community Folder pointing to it’s library.

should be a way to show all owned aircraft

You can, from the aircraft selection screen, while on the world globe flight planner screen.

While in your hangar, use the "Change Aircraft " button on the bottom toolbar, or press F11

You are able to see all of your aircraft from the hangar if that is what your asking. However, the marketplace is its own seller of third party content, and thus will not show items purchased from a seperate seller of third party content.