Why doesn't MSFS load after every WU?

Why is it that after every world update this so magnificent flight simulator will not load.
I follow all the protocols, remove the community folder, make sure windows is up to date, blah, blah. blah and the thing only goes to three quarters loading after clicking the FLY button.
Same thin happened after the last world update and the only solution was to do a full reinstall, which is a pain in the fundamental orifice.
Surely there is an easier solution to this issue.
Any suggestions greatly accepted.
In the meantime it is 1600 local here in Melbourne, Oz which is 0500 Zulu, so it is time for a frothie.

Sorry for your troubles. Is it crashing to desktop after that? What are your system specs and what peripherals are you using?

No, not crashing just does not goo any further than three quarters loading.
System is no slouch and Alpha yoke, Bravo
quadrant, logitech rudder pedals and stream deck

Thanks for the reply

Do you have any addons from the marketplace? I was told that addons from the marketplace don’t actually install to the community folder, so perhaps they can still be problematic even if you clear the community folder.

Just to confirm wu8 installed, market place world update and content manager all checked, updates installed? Community folder empty for now?

Pick a simple default ac and simple airport with just a departure set and hit fly now.

Did all that, no joy.
Thanks for suggestion

when I update …

  1. I do not remove or rename the community folder or do a backup
  2. I let the system (Xbox App) update the sim (mandatory update) making sure that MSFS has the correct install path and this is important
  3. go to content manager and do the updates that are there and then when finished, I close MSFS
    4)restart MSFS and go to the marketplace and download the new world update and let it install and then again I close MSFS and restart it having removed or uninstalled (in this update) LECO and LPFR which I already have from Aerosoft and TropicalSim

I then go flying with no problems whatsoever and everything is working as it should.
Happy Days

Thanks for the response Grumpy3355

@oldpilot54 we might have the same issue:

Already opened a ticket with Zendesk, they’re looking at logs and files now.

I reinstalled the whole thing, from zero, it didn’t help.
This is killing me.

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For those affected, are you trying to spawn at the same airport each time, or have you tried different airports from different regions?

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