Why have some Thirtparty developers trubble?


Why have some Thirtparty developers trubble? Becasue i have read about that PMDG cant release the Planes, because of the bad systems and sdk from MSFS. Because they need things in the pmdg that the system of the Msfs cant not simulate for now. Is there any hope that Asobo/MS will talk with PMDG and improve and implement the things that pmdg need to release this plane.

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The strange thing is that systems that are declared “not functional” and “absolutely IMPOSSIBLE!” work fine by some developers, like weather radar and terrain radar on the Carenado-own radar systems plus on the third party Garmin GTN750 too.

The flight management computer also works fine on all planes. So I have no idea what exactly is holding back, there is no clear explaination what specific system or what aspect of the simulation causes trouble.

But I fear the plan of AAA third party developers to “just wait and sit it out until the SDK will get improved some day” (like for example PMDG does with their 737 or Aerosoft does with the radar system in their CRJ) will be completely useless, because the SDK will probably never be enhanced to fullfill a few AAA developers needs.

It would be better to find a work-around for their currently non functional systems, and contact Carenado to find out how they manage to implement various weather radars since day one :wink:

The reason the radar doesn’t work for PMDG and Aerosoft is that they’re using WASM/C++, and build their own systems. This function is not unlocked for that yet. The reason it works for Carenado is that they use the Asobo systems, and not building their own.

@anon5812396 There doesn’t need to be ‘any hope that Asobo/MS will talk with PMDG’. They already have a lot of communication.
All parties involved have a vested interest in making this work.


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