Why head movement is adding huge frustration and making the sim unenjoyable

Ok this is the first sim i have used in 30 years of simming where head movement ie turn anticipation etc causes screen position to shift that is not optional.
This is without a doubt THE most frustrating part of trying to operate the aircraft in the sim.
If you are trying to useTrackIR its even worse.
So you have AP engaged and you go to change heading.
After you fight your way past the incredibly intrusive tooltip trying to block your view you find the clickspot region.
The moment you hit or use the mouse wheel to change the heading the aircraft banks IMMEDIATLY MOVEING YOUR MOUSE POINTER FROM THE CLICKSPOT as the aircraft rolls causing the screen to shift and clickspot move.
And again you move and the process repeats endlessly with anger and frustration increasing until you finally say “Whoever designed this has never been in a real aircraft”.
Ok in a real aircraft you place your hand on a knob and rotate it easily without frustration and very easily unless your in very very heavy turbulence. And then its not rotating it that is the issue but getting your hand onto the knob…
This endless problem with the MSFS autopilot is a huge issue being seen by everyone.
Head movement in the sim is based on some fantasy that programmers seem think happen.
It doesnt.
When im sitting in my 787 my head doesnt kick off to one side as i roll into a turn…ever.
Every aircraft rides turbulence differently and its never been an issue in the real world that this simulator makes of it in even the smoothest air.
This is making the sim incredibly difficult and frustrating for everyone to use and is not remotely realistic.
If you still want it then make it optional to turn on.
Just like tooltips with stupid text appearing over controld this compulsory immersion destroying stuff detracts from the simulator with every session.
The head tilt though is utterly ridiculous and absolutely frustrating.
Its so much more enjoyable to go back to P3D and Xplane and use those autopilots where the click spot isnt a moving target. And then use track IR where your trying to hold your head still AND deal with this madness.
Sorry but its just wrong and you are damaging the sim experience heavily.
In 35 years of flying my head has not once tilted when i roll into a turn…


I am extremely unhappy that I can’t modify the key. Zoom and mouse wheel to turn knobs should not be the same button. Or you should be able to have a modifier attached to it. I agree with the frustration.

Submit this to zendesk for future patches.

One thing that has helped me using the AP and mouse clicking is to not try and click the knob. Say I want to change direction / altitude. I put the mouse pointer on the dead center of the knob and use the middle mouse button scroll wheel.
No need to the worry about the aircraft banking and pulling the mouse pointer around. Try this!

Try turning off “camera shake” under “Camera” in the General Options area. According to the description of that variable, turning this off should eliminate the hewad movement.

You can also remove the zoom cockpit view from the mouse scroll wheel if you so desire.

Its not camera shake its already off. Its turn anticipation that causes mouse pointer drift…that you cant turn off that i know off.

Oh well, I was hoping that would at least help. It’s been a known issue that I hope they will address in some way.

The other problem is if you use track IR. You can’t hold your head still forever and it is silly to pause every time. EZDOK for P3D had the need to push in the mouse button before you scrolled to activate the camera turn and zoom. I want that.

Yes it is a definite issue. I now turn off HDG mode every time i want to enter a new heading and then turn HDG back on after.

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