Why I don't want 2024

I mean I guess, I just tried answering based on the responses you gave me that is all, never one to try and argue with others or create problems.


Another reason to be hesitant is the never ending server issues. Today a world wide server problem but also the low bandwith issue is still there (6 months already) and for the weather the same story. They just improve to little and late.


Server issues aren’t going to be helped. They will still come up occassionally.

One of the low bandwidth issues isn’t something that is within their control. For NorthEast US region, one of the internet hops to get to their CDN, there is a bad router maintained by some other company. Whenever I run into that issue, I use a VPN to say I am in a different location in the US, and that ends up routing me to a different CDN.

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Occasionally is not a problem but server problems is not occasionally. It’s frequent and where the problem comes from is not up to us the costumer. They make their problem ours and that’s not how it should work. VPN isn’t always a solution either.


My I7 9700k and RTX 2070 Sup still does great on mostly Ultra in 4K … :nerd_face:

Out of curiosity.
It has been i while since the last post here.
How are your opinions now?

I really looking forward to MSFS 2024. Solely for better and improved performance optimizations.

Hopefully they make it work.

Sounds like MS-2024 will depend a lot more on internet speed.
That leaves me out.

What was the question lol?! MSFS has become so many different things to so many different people perhaps because it can do so much (and not all of it well, nor all the time). For example it serves as a fun flying console game, a more serious flight sim game, a platform for building PC based home flight decks, a powerful Xbox solution for those who no longer want to maintain MSFS on a PC, access to study level models on either PC or Xbox, a way to sightsee points of interest all over the world, a drone alternative to flying an airplane, driving a car or sailing a boat, a camera for artistic screenshots, a multiplayer community for fly ins or more serious stuff in VATSIM. Actually, it’s amazing it work at all, serving so many recreational purposes for an emmensely diverse population of users world wide!

Whatever 2024 brings, I hope it stays this way, making all this fun available to all of us who use MSFS for our own purposes. Will it disappoint some of the people some of the time? Yes. Will it do everything well, living up to all of our demands and expectations? No. Will we want to fly, game, live without it? Anyway, maybe I open a Pandora’s box size can of worms here, so bring on the rants and raves! Please let’s just try to appreciate all the amazing things we can try to do with MSFS and let’s continue to hold ourselves accountable for all the expectations we place upon it while we hold MS/Asobo and the dev community accountable for the products they sell us. All together here, now, and next, it’s a LOT!


Gosh this post made me laugh. Doesnt it suck that you can fly over your house in a video game? oh wait, that almost sounds cool, but wait… no lets complain about a lake in the middle of no where.

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I’m afraid to agree with you.


Is that really it ? Honestly? Or is it about buying a product from the ( approved) market place items that breaks your sim. It’s all very good and supportive to praise the product but it’s also important to point out the the king is in the altogether.


“And it’s altogether too chilly a morn!”

And getting colder I think.