Why is it so hard to install liveries [SOLVED]

Edit : I had a hard time installing liveries on fs2020, liveries would not appear in the game and after quite a long time trying to work it out, I found out what was the problem.

What are you struggling with? Majority are able to be copied straight to the community folder. Couldn’t be easier!


the megapacks are easy to install, it’s when you wanna go and install a single livery that it is a pain.

How so?

I have many single liveries and they are just folders under the Community folder, couldnt be easier. Actually i let MSFSModManager do it anyway to make it even easier.

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Literally the easiest thing in the world to do.

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have you ever played other simulators, like p3d or xplane, it takes 3 seconds, in this one if you want to install only 1 livery you gotta modify 3 different files in order to install 1 livery

Sir, I just installed like 10 liveries 5 minutes ago. I just extracted the zip files to the community folder and that’s it. I haven’t modified anything, just unzipped files.

What three files are you modifying?

layout, manifest and the normal aircraft.cfg

ya, and then you end up with 1000 files in your community folder right
nice and easy to make it clean.

Why modify those files?
Why not just put the folder in Community and then apply the skin when you select the aircraft?

when I the folder in the community, they do not appear in the sim.

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OK, this is another ball of wax entirely.
There should not be any need to modify anything.

Step by step… What and where? Please explain your understanding of the process. Should just be drop in the community folder and boot up the sim. You should then be able to see the new paint available in both the hanger and the world map.

I have no idea what is your problem with liveries.
Installing liveries on any of the other sims WAS a big pain. On this one you can drop the folder on the community folder. You just need to make sure that you are drooping the correct folder, which usually is the one inside the one you just downloaded.

okay so for example, I downloaded Air Transat livery for the 320, then I take the folder called A320 Air Transat in which I have, Texture.Transat, Aircraft.cfg and layout.json. If I take this folder and put it directly into community. nothing will appear no liveries. however if I take 20 minutes in modifying the files it will appear

First, just want to confirm you aren’t installing them while MSFS is running. The program updates the contents only during startup.

Second, you may need to delete and reimport the files into the Community folder. There is a bug where the community folder doesn’t update and the fix is to remove all files from the Community folder and then re-add them.

The fact that they show up when you modify them is curious. What exactly are you changing in the files?

There usually is the zip or RAR folder you downloaded. Unzip the folder, and inside it there should be another folder, which is the one you need to place in the community folder. Once you do that, run the sim and look for the livery. There shouldn’t be any issues at all.
You can find all the liveries for pretty much any aircraft in MSFS at this website: https://flightsim.to/

What are you talking about? You’re not doing it correctly. It’s literally download a zip file, unzip it, and throw the folder in community. Takes 3 seconds.

That is not the way to install the liveries, my friend. You only have to drop them in the community folder.

did you take the time to read everything I said ?

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