Why is my flypad/different from those throttle Tutorials? Help plz

Guys ,yesterday i upgraded my Fly by wire installer, and re installed my FBW developers version, which also told me an upgrade was Available today, yet when i watch, The How To,configure throttle through the flypad, my flypad has no screens like the tutorial.
Mine still has the setting icon down the left side,insted across the top, and there’s no,
Throttle config,as shown. Is it an add on, it clearly states that the A320NX must be configured through the FBW, flypad…thx in advance for any help in this matter.

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The setting icon on the left side is actually the current version. The throttle tutorials video that you see is with the setting icon at the top is actually the older version.

Thx for reply, but are you sure, i flew from EGKK east around the world, back to EGKK in the dev version,flypad wasn’t working then its the only one iv seen before 17th sep bad upgrade, and if it is the latest the only throttle page there only show a box with 1500 in it which you cant do anything with, so if it is the case and your right why have they not giving
Us a up date tutorial. Still begs the question how do i config throttle through flypad??

Well, this is the tutorial I made on August. So the flypad version is already using the current version on the left. I didn’t have a microphone at the time so I didn’t speak anything. But just an extra information. When the blue bar moves, that’s when I actually move the throttle lever to each detent position.

If your flypad isn’t working. It’s either you still have the marketplace version installed, or that you are flying the default A320 by mistake. Or you installed the wrong version of the A32NX or with an older FBW installer version.

Thx you , very nice vid, i,ll keep trying.

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