Why is the AI Traffic so heavy on the fps?

It have to be something terrible wrong with the traffic optimisation. My sim runs at 50-60 fps almost everywhere i fly, but when i turn on ai traffic my fps goes down to 18-24 fps. This is with default traffic.

My system specs


I9 10900k
3090 OC
32gb ram

If you use Offline AI traffic, make sure you don’t put the slider up too much. I think 10% on the Offline AI traffic slider is good enough. Otherwise, you can still keep it on Live AI traffic.

As Neo said, change your slider if not using live traffic. I am enjoying SU9’s live AI traffic – nice to see it in the skies, but if your performance is tanking, try lowering the setting or try Live Traffic.

Even if its only are 3-4 aircraft spawning on the airport my fps is getting a massive hit. How is yours fps with ai on and off?

It won’t be AI specifically. If you have all that turned off, but join a big multiplayer session you will most likely get framerate hits then also.

All those other aircraft have to be drawn, their external animated surfaces tracked etc. All of that has a cost.

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My sim performs well with lot of multiplayer aircraft so i believe its something wrong in the ai code.

I’m on Live Traffic and Live multiplayer mode on all my flights, and I generally have about 25-30 FPS on the airport. So it’s not that much of a problem for me.

Even using vatsim models, go to a busy airport and your frames will dissapear, don’t understand how that can have so much of an impact

Personal Comments and Observations

If it’s Offline AI there is a penalty paid to CPU to handle the scheduling and movement.

Live Traffic with no model add-ons etc., are the least impact to System Performance.