Why is the Cessna Citation Run/Stop button STILL bugged?

Seriously? Since Update 5 the longitude has been bugged so you can’t do a cold dark start up because the Run/Stop button doesn’t work. No matter what you do it only displays STOP. You can’t even START the plane…

Paid a LOT of extra money for this specific plane. PLEASE fix it.

You’re aware that on the Longitude you have to set the Fuel Shutoff Valve to Open now, right?

Yes, that was the first thing I found when I googled the issue. Set to open, still won’t run.

Well you neglected to mention that in your uninformative rant.

Was the second thing you found when you googled the issue that you had to download the optional deluxe and premium content in the Content Manager?

Already have them installed.

And before you ask the APU is on

I’ve flown this plane many times before update 5.

Also I have tried this with and without the autopilot fix mod. The CJ4 works fine with the exception of hte autopilot bug that all the planes experience at this point.

Plane starting fine for me :man_shrugging:t3:

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Can’t confirm. Community folder empty/renamed?

It is now. I did have the AP oscillation mod fix but I removed it just to be sure.

Please confirm that you have the NEW Premium and Deluxe SU5 updates installed.

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The Longitude with Dakfly’s mod and WT-3000 works just fine for me, from cold and dark to shut down.

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