Why is the Horizon Line Fix so far down the priority list?

This is such a glaring and obvious issue yet nothing is being done about it, the weekly blog states “2022” but that’s extremely vague when it also says “Not Started”, Why? Is it too difficult to fix? If so can you at least explain why it’s so difficult? If it’s not known how difficult it is to fix then why hasn’t it been looked at yet?

It’s such an immersion killer, it’s so clearly something that needed immediate attention long ago and yet it seemingly goes by ignored from Patch to Patch, please prioritise higher, thanks.

Yeah it’s pretty surprising to be honest. This has been a problem since the alpha!


Definition of the horizon:
the horizon is an imaginary line which recedes as one approaches it.

Precisely, it’s imaginary not extremely visible like what we see in game!


Simply because its not voted high enough. Seems that things like trains, ship waves and such things are more important to the community.

They prefer to live with these flaws rather than wait a little longer for a few new features.

Mankind by nature.

And therein lies the problem of relying on votes to fix things, an extremely redundant and backwards way to go about prioritising bugs.
This one, as above, is so blatantly obvious and immersion breaking it should’ve been dealt with long ago, hence the question Why hasn’t it?! If the answer is “because it’s not got enough votes” then I’ll lose all faith in Asobo - blatant bug fixes should not rely on a single forums voting structure…period.


100% agree. But thats the trap of democracy. It does not claim to be logical or right, it is merely the majority opinion.


It’s kind of like real life. You can’t have a democracy, then complain that democracy has failed you just because you lost the vote.

This bug, while irritating, is not a showstopper, doesn’t stop anyone from flying, and doesn’t cause anyone’s sim to crash. The community will vote on the things they deem most important to them, and right now things like Garmin avionics working as they should is far more important, along with a host of other things. I’ll take working turbo prop logic over this any day.

I’m not saying this is unimportant, just not as important.


I guess it depends on your priorities, do you look ahead, behind or down? I would personally put getting rid of a dark line through everything you look at in front of you ahead of contrails or more complex avionics. Sure it will be fixed before the xbox release.

I need correctly modelled avionics to fly the plane as close to real life procedures as I can. A line on the horizon doesn’t stop me from doing that. The one thing we tend to forget is that the dev. team have different people working on different things. The folks working on the avionics aren’t working on the graphical rendering issues. But since we have only one list, don’t feel too disheartened as it creeps down the list. I’m sure the respective teams will look into it, and perhaps internally they break that longer list into lists for the respective teams.

Not if they have it listed as 2022, but here’s hoping.

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This line seem simple to fix but require significant work and time, xplane have the same issue, never got fixed.


My suspicion is that this issue is so deeply ingrained within the current rendering engine that it’s likely going to require significant work to resolve. In a nutshell might appear a simple fix but in reality quite the opposite. I assume the best hope for a fix is within the transition to DX12, and the associated work they are doing to achieve the migration. I wouldn’t get hopes up though.

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In terms of votes, maybe a lot of people are not noticing it, me included.

I have seen forum titles on this but never read them, but was interested when I saw this on the Q&A.
I clicked on the first post link to check it out.

It looks quite obvious on some of those screen shots, subtle on others, but I have never noticed it in game.

You bet now that I am looking for it, I’ll see it and never un-see it.

It did. But it only did it when you had this feature enabled:


Turn SSAO off, and use HDR only then problem goes away. It didn’t only have a horizontal line, there were some nasty vertical lines seen right in the middle of your view as well. Far worse than what we have here.

Check the release notes of every sim update and check how much of that is pushing sales.
Hint: Almost none of them.
So your claim is plainly wrong.

I agree it’s not a showstopper, but the graphics department don’t work on aircraft systems, likewise the aircraft systems team don’t work on graphics. This issue is on someone’s list somewhere, it’s up to the relevant person/s to better prioritise the obvious immersion breaking issues.

I agree. :wink:

There are probably things to implement like low visibility, different cloud types etc. which will bring much more immersion and realism than a horizontal line could ever take away.
But in some cases it’s just the effort needed vs. the benefit that kicks out an issue from the planned fixes, just because you’d have to rewrite and test a LOT and in this case it seems like that’s exactly the case. Seems like the issue is deeply in the atmospheric simulation.

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They are aware but it is a li itation of the weather system so its not an easy fix. They said that in the sdk qna. As soon as they are overhauling the weathersystem they will fix it, but thats further doen the line.
So we have to be patient.


I just wanted to test this, and yes the very latest XP 11.53 has not resolved this issue either. HDR+SSAO give you this:

Not just a horizontal line. The vertical line is still there, but also the darker shading below the line.

I can’t help but think there is a common element between these similar issues in two different sims.