Why is the Just Flight Arrow not in the Marketplace?

Im wondering why the Just Flight Piper Arrow, old skool is awesome, isnt in the Marketplace? I asked JF and they said it was up to Asobo to format it and they had no idea why or when it would arrive for us JF fans. Comment? I prefer it over the Carenado.

There is always a good delay between when a product releases abs when it arrives on MP.

Not only for initial releases but also any subsequent updates which is why most choose to purchase their content outside of MP when they can.

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This is a post for Marketplace Feedback rather than General Discussion. I have moved your thread there and renamed it.

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Sounds reasonable. However, its available for pc only, such a popular old school look, why not in xbox? Carenado has theirs in xbox and other models seem easy enough. I must have the JF Arrow lol.

Unfortunately we are waiting for Asobo to fix issues that prevent aircraft using WASM gauge technology from working correctly on Xbox (all our aircraft use WASM). As soon as they have fixed those issues, hopefully in the next Sim Update or two, then we will release all our aircraft for Xbox.

Martyn - Just Flight


Good to know…love your Arrow!

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