Why is the update process so convoluted?

Why when there’s an update due, and it tells you there’s an update due, and sends you off to Microsoft Store, is there nothing in the store screen to initiate the update?

I really have never understood why MS and Asobo can’t get the updating process sorted out so it’s seamless and semi-automatic, it’s not like they don’t know what you have on your computer and whether you are online etc.

To me it seems like they haven’t approached the updating process from the users perspective, just from the developers’ and administrators’ side.

It’sd be nice if someone was delegated to make the updating process make sense finally.


Come on now.

Downloading from four different sources isn’t that bad.

In my day we had to download on foot. And it was uphill both ways. And we liked it.

Seriously though, a download from the MS store, then a bounce out of sim for a second MS download. Then you can go to the Marketplace and download the expansion which comes with updates to prior WUs which must be found in the Content Manager!

That’s four separate downloads. It takes a while to update. And yeah, it is a convoluted process.

Also, the free content is really awesome.

But wow, that’s quite a process every time. And it probably makes things 4x as likely to go wrong for someone as a one download process.


There is nowhere to come when the update is simply not there but the sim tells you it is… :wink:


So I go to the download store like it says, and there’s no link, no information, not even any sign of MSFS there.

That’s my complaint.


Click on check for updates :wink:

For me, the update was right there in the MS store. I clicked on it and it updated, I then started the sim and downloafed all the other stuff.

I have to qualify that, though. My computer has been out of use for a month due to work I was doing on my house, and I only got the update two days ago. So maybe you just have to wait a bit if you want it all laid out ready.

It should be simple question and answer: “There’s an update…wanna update?” YES and walk away. End users shouldn’t have to get involved in anything more than that.


Do you work for MS/Asobo?? Whose side are you on? The DL process is a MESS, and a ridiculous way to accomplish an ‘update’; update in inverted commas, as each ‘update’ screws many things up, and INTRODUCES even MORE bugs into this joke of a sim! The last ‘bug fix update’, made things WORSE, and introduced MORE bugs! This is the same, still, after 6 MONTHS, 6 Months of reporting the bugs to MS/Asobo, and the bugs in the German Bush Trip are not only not fixed, but are WORSE than it was before!


Did you even read what I wrote?

From previous experiences with update I go to MS Store/Library first to check for updates - apart from MSFS2020 it’s where you find all the other MS updates. I never have to “do” anything, it all happens automatically. However I have found in the past it’s not really necessary, just makes sure the Xbox app doesn’t cause problems.
Then I start the sim, it says there’s an update so I say yes please - and leave it! That’s it, don’t have to do anything else!
Sim Updates require nothing else. World Updates, if you want the release, then just go to the Marketplace then Content Manager - but you don’t have to, to continue with the sim. What’s difficult about that?

Okay, the loading process does leave something to be desired - I’m currently watching my download speeds fluctuating between zero and 22.5 Mbits/s due to the way it’s done, but I don’t have any involvement in it. And of course there’s no choice, you have to do the download, but that’s part of how it all works, explained in full many times elsewhere.

Right, it’s finished loading, going to have a look at what we’ve got…

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The ‘update’ we’re taking about HERE, is the one released TODAY.

They should include free content. This process is annoying. Now I get a CTD. Empty the Community folder. Go through all 1400 files trying to find the offending members. I just went through this 2 weeks ago. Now I have to take another day or two doing it all over again. I think it is really best to not even put anything in the community folder. While simplified, it was a stupid idea if sceneries have to be updated every time we have a new SU. I have 1400 files in there for many airports and other things. I can’t be doing this every time there is some new update. I’m about ready to abandon all add-on scenery. I wonder if it’s even worth it. Only a small percentage of people who make sceneries bother coming back to update. And with the Rift S, the scenery is always kinda blurry anyway.


This was the smoothest update I’ve ever had. I opened MSFS and was told I had a mandatory update. Then the screen changed to the update without me going to the MS store; clicked download and the download began. Then to content manager for updates and on to Marketplace for WUBVIII. Smooth as glass.


In that case, Mr Shouty, it’s available in the sim marketplace. You either click to install it, or you don’t. It’s difficult to see what’s more straightforward than that.

Well I imagine the world updates are optional because of their size. They are pretty massive and people with smaller drives might not want 7GB of new files forced on them without being able to free up some space by removing an older world update for example. They’re basically like free DLCs really.

Steam version here. I double-clicked the MSFS icon on my desktop, got the screen saying there was an update showing the size and file path. Clicked download, sat there a couple minutes while the bar moved across the screen, then the sim finished starting as normal. Doesn’t seem convoluted to me.


by now??
Always go to the MS Store before opening MSFS each day - go to the Library section or whatever and click the Update All button - this saves aggravation if that’s what you are feeling.
This way any updates to Xbox live, the MS Store, MSFS or any other related updates are installed before you open MSFS. It only takes a second to do this first.
Then the thing that seems to irk some folks is that you then need to go to the MSFS ‘Content’ section and install individual updates to scenery and aircrafts directly to their respective compartments…

in your case the MS Store update had already been installed to MSFS - for others - where the MSFS update is only queued up but not yet installed, opening MSFS causes you to have to open the MS Store. That seems to give folks the aggravation that generates these endless complaint posts

I’ve been using Flight Simulator since 1995 and I know my way around the sim. Yet, this ‘MSFS Updating Process’ is seriously difficult. I think Microsoft/Asobo need to mandate a senior fellow to contact and arrange to meet with a few new MSFS users, at their homes, and watch silently as they start MSFS and proceed to update. Watching these MSFS users go through the procedure would be illuminating, it’s almost as if the powers that be at Microsoft or Asobo don’t grasp how convoluted the upgrade process can sometimes be. For instance, following the first part of the updating, the senior representative could watch the user as he tries to figure out whether he should press ’Download and Get’ or the second choice, ‘Get,’ to install a World Update (once he figures out that when the simulator starts, he needs to go to Marketplace and into Content Manager).
I know that’s probably impossible from a software point of view but I fervently hope that installing MSFS updates will one day become as easy as installing FBW updates, sometime in that ten-year MSFS road to perfection!

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Quite right, you will be redirected to the store, there you will see all the aps that don’t interest you, and after a long search you will find MSFS and then you are screwed, nothing to update. I’m getting tired of that.