Why is there no HDR Optimization/Choices for Exposure/Brightness?

It’s been discussed since day 1, but those of us who sim in HDR need a way to optimize and calibrate the brightness and exposure. In the cockpit, exposure is way overdone, and terrain colors are muted. Please allow us to calibrate/fix exposure, contrast, brightness ourselves in sim options.

Its pretty bad in VR for me too. Haven’t seen decent colors from the cockpit in the sim for months. Yet, people seem to be happy with it. I have flown at 30,000+ feet numerous times… I even looked out the window a few times… I have never seen a view so over exposed and washed out as I do in this sim. At least give us some adjustments.


I found that the desktop colour settings in NVidia Control Panel provide all the options necessary to optimize the display as required. Nothing extra needed in the game.

It would be more convenient to have the sliders in game so we don’t have to always tinker with the Nvidia settings. And it’s still over exposed due to the fact of how the process is depicted in sim.

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I don’t want to have to change all of those settings (which would change every game I play). It should be in game like every other game in the last 5 years has.

get a copy of re-shade install it all you need from that is the fakehdr filter. then when you want lighter / darker you press home a menu pops up (you still in the sim mind you) and you can adjust brightness with that. If you install all the other filters you can do even more cool stuff.

Yes it should be in the game already, but this is a better option IMHO.

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I’m actually using nvidia’s corrections in game. But it gets annoying because every time MSFS gets updated, I have to recalibrate.