Why is there no support for VR controllers?

I’m for having both mouse and controller support, not against that in any way, shape or form and sometimes it is easier to grab the mouse when you’ve got one hand on the yoke and need to fiddle with something. What gets me is the mouse and the interaction with the UI, also when you look up and scroll to something you get a giant mouse cursor in your face until it realizes you’re looking in a different direction and adjusts. I’m sure all this will be tweak and fixed, I hope so anyways.

I was just a bit surprised by the lack of support for VR controllers, mainly when you’re in the UI because I don’t know what they did but they seem to try and get the mouse to be in a 3D environment while still technically being in 2D and it just feels off and I find some of the menus especially the top bar hard to navigate around if the mouse isn’t tracking right in the “3D” environment.

Then we need Asobo to stop releasing half complete enhancements like VR, which is clearly a mess judging by the forum, and start working on things that don’t work. Vr is great but if it gives me a worse performance than what i already had you (Asobo) just drives me right back to what works and away from their platform.


I’ve only done one flight so far with the default settings (I only adjusted the glass refresh rate back to high, because MAH IMMERSHUN), and my experience was okay-ish.

I don’t like how the sim window now stays on top when I try to tab to another window, I have to put it in windowed mode first (this also messes with loading flight plans in the world map). Visual quality was kinda poor at 0.8 “sub”-sampling, but the performance was flawless.

I spent many days tuning the performance in the other sims (and still had to stay away from large population centers), I feel it will be the same with MFS.

I’m glad they released what they had. Maybe it helps to keep people at home flying instead of visiting remote family and spreading the 'rona. :smiley:

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Having used motion controls in X-Plane, I’m not quite as baffled that Asobo has, for now, passed on them.

Using motion controls for joystick and throttle is a total gimmick, at best. Using them to manipulate buttons and switches is far more practical, but in many cases still not as quick or accurate as using the mouse/scroll-wheel. I’d say my time using motion controls vs mouse in X-Plane is probably 75/25, in favor of the mouse; definitely not worth holding up all of VR.


I’m good with the mouse as I have found it to be not too terrible, but I too think they should eventually have a controller option. Then you can choose which one you like better.

I chuckled at hearing people talk about hitting the controllers on the yoke and monitor in X-Plane. I’ve done that myself, but I ended up just using the laser pointer option and that solved the problem for me. I liked being able to set my controller in my lap and grabbing it to tune a radio or flip a switch when needed. I use a physical yoke, throttle, and rudder pedals. I’ve got a lot of physical switches set to things and muscle memory helps me find them quickly.

Regarding the VR in general, if you play around long enough, you can tweak it to give a good balance of performance vs. quality. For those with the Rift S I just posted a long message in that thread with my settings. I get a good framerate and the scenery still looks pretty nice. I’d still take VR over pancake any day. Being able to quickly look around and scan my instruments like in a real plane is amazing. Along with better judgement of distances while landing.

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Vote for them on the wishlist, here


I would disagree completely on VR being a mess.
With my setup it is the best VR experience I have had to date.
So I wouldn’t make a blanket statement it is a mess.


Please vote for this issue in Wishlist section. I have created a topic there after the VR video was released showing no controller support.

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Exactly. I have a dedicated separate setup like that (see my topic). There should be both. Some people want mouse - OK, there is no reason no to have both.

What’s ridiculous is people thinking VR controllers are great for interacting in a cockpit.
They’re fun for about 10 seconds, then you realise how inadequate they are as substitutes and it’s easier to just use a mouse (if you need to) and have fun flying.

Asoba made the right UX call for this release. Get over it.

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Err… Did you actually try it properly? It’s amazing. Look at my video in X-Plane. It’s a joy to use VR controllers. And good luck writing down ATC instructions from VATSIM live ATC controllers with your mouse. Remember, everything is in VR, you can’t grab a pen and look at the notepad.


Coming from X-plane and DCS Vr, this is subpar in my book. I suggest trying xplanes for comparison.


I beg to differ. Try writing live ATC VATSIM instructions down with your mouse. And it’s just one example. VR Controllers are not haptic gloves, they are not ideal. But I assure you, if you calibrate and organize things correctly, VR controllers are vastly superior to mouse. And whatever one thinks about VR, controllers are an integral part of VR implementation. Without them - it’s only half VR. If you like mouse - keep using it, there it no reason not to have both. Ergonomics of cabin are built for hands, not mice. Mouse is a crutch, at least a larger crutch than controllers.


The lure of motion/touch controllers is simply the physical actions one must make to reach the buttons and dials while moving the head around in the cockpit. I find that mostly very immersive! But, the part that bugs me a little is the arcadey representation of the controller moving around like witchcraft in the plane. Or a pair of virtual hands that put me in the mind of Thing from the Addams Family. That sorta kills the immersion.

With the advent of WMR headsets I assume that someone company will develop a device that will allow us to use our real hands to manipulate the flight controls. When that happens, I’m all in.


I have both you mention. For WMR right now I would say MSFS2020 has figured it out better than XP11. For example try jumping in and out of VR in XP, doesn’t work well. Here it is seamless. For longer flights it is implemented well.

VR controllers work okay for some, I have them but prefer Yoke, Throttle, Pedals & Mouse in this game.

Your posts are quite harsh on some people. I’m not a noob as you inferred to someone else. Support for VR controllers should be available if one wishes to use them.


So aggressive. So unnecessary…

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You really have to naive. “It’s not a button clicking simulation”… - stares directly at the 100+ buttons and switches in the A320, 747. Please explain how you don’t need any of those “buttons and switches” to “fly” the “flight simulation”


There are already some solutions for hand tracking, that utilize either the headset integrated forward looking cameras (like in HTC Vive), or a separate device (Leap Motion). In my opinion, this will solve the cockpit interaction issue if implemented properly. I have the Leap Motion device, and I tried it in X-Plane with the Rift headset, but the implementation was rather poor a year or two ago. It watches your hands and tries to replicate your hand movements inside the virtual cockpit. (see the linked video)

There are a couple of issues with it:

  1. Since there is only one camera, it cannot always see your extended finger as you might accidentally block the view with your arm or palm. In those situations it only guesstimates your finger position and quite often fails to recognize it properly.

  2. When you are using physical controllers like a yoke and a throttle quadrant while manipulating the rest of the cockpit controls in VR, you quite often bump your hands into the physical objects while trying to reach the virtual panels. I’ve hurt my knuckles and almost broken a finger a few times with this.

Both of these issues can be remedied quite well with better software. The first one is a problem because the software does not “remember” that you’ve extended your finger when it gets obscured by your hand, but retracts it into a fist again when it does not see your actual finger. The second issue can be made better by using some zoom button that brings the whole panel close to your face, which you can then manipulate without bumping into things. This is an immersion breaker, but it works. Another option would be to have a sort of a finger mounted laser pointer which you can activate on a press of a button. That laser pointer then acts as an extension to your finger and it is of course not blocked by physical objects.

There are also glove based solutions coming up which will hopefully be better than camera based ones.

Until we have one of these clever solutions at hand (no pun intended), I believe the mouse solution is the best compromise at the moment.


What’s unnecessary is pearl clutching over VR controllers not being available in the current implementation and calling it “half VR”. lol + facepalm.

The developers are highly experienced VR/AR/XR devs and fully aware of how people use them (or don’t use them as in my case and others) and no doubt didn’t include them in this release for very good reasons - most likely because it wasn’t robust enough yet. You’ll get it when it’s ready, there’s no need to be hysterical about it.

We’re also still in the early stages of VR interaction, and it’s not rocket science that the current VR controller implementations have a long way to go for certain use cases - as others here have also pointed out in detail.


I believe they are, yet, I’ve just tried the Holo Tour made by Asobo a few days ago, and let’s say using a controller is just a different mean to press a single “ENTER” key, but one which stays with you hand. Mind you, this is an old app already for VR and implementing a sound controller support in a flight simulator is not an easy task.

In my opinion the simulator doing it the best is XP11. Using controllers feels like a natural extension of your hand which you can use to flick, turn, push, pull etc… (especially with the Knuckles where finger motion fits naturally). I just thing XP11 knob turning in VR could get a little bit more refinement because sometimes it is too sensitive and other times not enough (meaning you have to turn a lot, which is like IRL but cumbersome with a controller instead of 2 fingers)