Why Metal fuse PBR textures turn white at night?

Although new to pbr comp textures I though I was doing them correctly as they look terrific in the daytime. However at night, they turn white. What am I doing wrong? I am using only the metalness in the green channel and roughness in the blue. No AO.

Did you made the red channel all white since you dont have AO?

Yes I didn’t do anything with the red channel. Left it as is. I’ve been comparing my comp files with other people’s metal liveries. It almost looks like they use screen overlay from the albedo file. I don’t. I just cover my livery in black or whatever I don’t want metal I cover in black in my green channel but I also add my metalness file there as well. This subject is complicated to explain :relaxed:

My understanding is , if you dont have an AO file paint red channel white. Also, Make sure the emissions is black/slider all down. It seams like you have an emmision color set in there

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Okay thanks but I’m not sure what you mean by emissions. I’m using Photoshop.

In sdk when you apply all the textures, check the emmision

I don’t use SDK for airplane textures. I’m working straight from a livery paint kit.