Why MSFS is so sensitive to GPU OC..?

I just dont get it.
I can run multiple games with my 2080TI 10% OC, inlcuding Xplane which gains about 10 FPS. I understand that this sim pushes the GPU hard, but no difference with Xplane and the likes.

With MSFS 2020, even if I try a noch the app crashes. This does not happen with my CPU OC, no problem at all. But for some reason MSFS is ultra sensitive to this… anyone experienced this?

any explanation?

Not me, sorry. I run my 1660 Super with OC (via MSI Afterburner’s Curve option) and never had a game crash due to this. GPU clock is +20% on the card default. Mem clock is +7%.

It’s a common enough troubleshooting point that’s been proven enough in various threads here.

OC is managed instability tbh. Not surprising that some apps don’t have a high tolerance for underlying system instability. And if you read the hardware reviews from the real techy shops during Launch, this app beats the living daylights out of any current hardware.

most likely because MSFS pushes not only the GPU, but your CPU and RAM as well.

The more stress on different components (especially power hungry or timing sensitive ones), the more likely that something trips.

Most games are punishing on the GPU, but relatively easy on RAM and CPU.

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I have the same problem with my AMD 580. O’clock even a smidgen and CTD. One thing I have found is that some AMD drivers are more tolerant of o’clocking than others. For instance I was doing fine with the last driver, but once I loaded the most recent Feb, 21 Adrenalin 2020 driver, CTD’s. Guess I’ll go back to the last one.

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