Why so many negative comments?

I´m amazed by this Sim! IT´S GORGEOUS.

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It seems like you’re trolling now. Perhaps GTA V is more your thing. A genuine flight simulator is probably not for you.


Hi, Stan.

Do you know how I can give that more than 1 like? Or how I can draw Stan’s attention to that?

That is the diffrenmce as I got flamed for saying between a GAMER and SIMMER nothing wrong with that But Simmers use xplane as a FLIGHT TRAINER the FAA says the commercial version is ACCEPTED form for actual credit if an instructor is present…some of us want that xplane flys xactly like a C172 you cannnot use an Xbox controler for that…the problem is MS told us that this would be a a SIM but most of us see that is not to that level YET,So some of us feel dupped and let down because thet hyped it up as such…it’s that simple I mean like now i am over washington DC and its all messed up capitol is not even close washington monument is a skinny office BUILDING???
the entire area is RED and Purple on the weather map…go to real life radar nothing storm pased 72 hours ago…so even that is not working corectly.

Oh my god, I don.t believe it. What have been told by x-plane fans or what you read somewhere and have not understood. Who told you that MFSRc1 was approved by the FAA like the ‘X-plane Pro version combined with FAA approved hardware’. Which x-plane user dupped you or what did you misread to dupe yourself. Why are you concerned that a skinny office building could lead to the FAA cancelling its approval for the x-plane Pro system, even though you have actually been using the x-plane home (i.e. almost game) version. May I suggest you visit the x-plane forum and get clarification about that there. They would definitely welcome you with open arms and explain everything to you. You might even ascertain that FAA approval does not matter for your country - only to a a very few simmers in the USA. Who told you or were did you read that MFSRc1 would have FFA approval on launch date or later? I sympathise with your disappointment but can only suggest your post is in the wrong forum.

Who cares about an FAA approval anyway? I fail to see why that is important, in fact it isn’t at all. FAA approved hardware/software set-ups cost a lot of money and don’t offer anything relevant over the game version that you would need to have a fun and deep simulation experience. The only differences are:

“includes additional hardware and frame rate checks, as well as cylindrical and spherical projection capabilities.”

Nobody needs that to have a full aircraft simulation at home and therefore that’s a useless argument. My opinion anyway…

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Simulators are approximations. A C172 will NEVER fly like the real thing in any of the sims, it’s simply not possible with our current technology. People, thinking that an Xplane 172 is like flying the real thing need a reality check.


@veryold I NEVER EVER SAID msfs was approved for anything get your glasses and reread I said the opposite.
I have no idea what that rambling was about…as far as the building it shows lack of detail how a major landmark they couldn’t even get right lazyness.

So your going to tell me how I interpreted the way the Cessna flew compared to the way I INTERPRETED the Sim…neat trick can you read minds too? I LOVE how an option is asked and you get flamed for giving it…I’m going to the professional fourms bunch of trolls here.

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Sure Mr.Drama, go ahead, lol.

Your a very rude person nasty person people like you make these fourms unenjoyable

Several of the previous posts are not on topic, have included personal attacks and have either broken the code of conduct or have come close to it. If future posts in this thread continue to be off-topic, I will close this thread.

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Because its the internet lol. Some people just are not happy if they don’t have something to complain about.

Then again its a new game and their are bound to be issues so some discussion and criticism is expected and probably welcome to a certain point. I do agree I don’t understand why some are so angry and hostile about it though.

Except for the people where the game is just broke and they can’t download and/or play it. Then I understand being upset. To pay 60-120 dollars for a product and not have it work out of the gate is a bit disappointing.

However some people are really upset about things that are just not that big of a deal to many of us.

I don’t understand your point as you just disagreed with me that DX 11 was not an issue and then quote how API updates break add ons and this was my exact point. When they upgrade the graphics API it will break all the add ons and it will be a new round of paying for new and upgraded add ons .

DX12 should have been used as P3D managed to upgrade their clunky old code from DX 10 and yet Asobo could not go from 11 to 12 2 years ago ? You just constantly argue the point on whatever I post on speculation.

DX 11 does not handle graphics calls for VR so those of us that want VR will get second rate like a lot of the functions in this sim .

When X Plane and Aerofly FS2 changed to Vulcan I had far less bugs and issues than the MSFS retail release plus my VR frame rates max out my Vive Pro and it’s the same with P3D.

You are defending a stupid position with speculation.

Hang on don’t tell me you hate VR and I am about to get a rant about how useless VR is so let me save you that rant .

Actually who told you that as I taught my son to fly the R22 in VR in Aerofly and X Plane and when he took his first real flight recently he flew from a control response like a 10 hour pilot.

Helicopter flight is also considered a higher duty than fixed wing flying and many airlines double helicopter hours when assessing candidates so this attests to the quality of the flight dynamics in these two sims.

I was hoping MSFS would have an equal flight dynamic to X Plane and Aerofly with the magnificent scenery system they have developed. I have very few hours in a 172 but the MSFS seems to lack proper secondary Control response . To me this is the mark of a good flight model .

It’s very similar minus the direct control response you get from using a real yoke… I would know. Started flight simming when I was 10, and started flight lessons at 16. Soloed soon after and instructors were very impressed with my aircraft control / precision and ability to maintain headings and altitudes. Needless to say, they thought my ATC skills were incredible after having been active on VATSIM for a few years.

An opinion comes in the form of a statement so what’s your point that an opinion can’t be a statement , so what is it then, a single word ? This is what I mean about these self serving statements you make as they simply make no sense and are designed to invalidate my opinion. Again you can convince someone to change their opinion you can’t prove an opinion wrong , you can try and invalidate an opinion but that generally ends up having the other person turn off which is exactly what has happened with you, I don’t care for any of your self serving facts and statements.

Your waffle is simply overbearing please go away start another thread and congratulate Asobo and offer them prayers of thanks, I promise I won’t see you there !

But MSFS has been out for longer than xplaNE. Theyy have left some taken out some changed some and put some new in but it is still the same base they had to build on.
Sadly some of he things they threw out were good.


Wrong already. Please educate yourself. Hint: lookup the definition of „statement“.

The rest that follows is hence automatically invalid, by implication.

But you‘re right: you won‘t hear from me here in this thread anymore. Bye :wave:t2: