Why so much INOP in cockpits in aircraft?

Why is so much INOP in the aircraft ? MSFS 2020 isnt cheap. You would expect a lot more study level aircraft functions.
Why did they decide to make so much not work?

It’s a video game

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This is fairly common in default sim aircraft, at least in my experience with X-plane 11 and FSX. I have even known INOP switches occasionally in so called study level payware aircraft too.


One word - Money :moneybag:. Basically the third parties will be developing them in the future.


I understand to a point but a non working FMC in the king air is just plain stupid. I do hope more 3rd party companies add planes.

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Who would expect any study level functions in the default aircraft? Have you never had a flight simulator before? Where do these expectations come from?


Trust me Fan

You will need a second mortgage to own even 1% of the add-ons that are coming. Not to mention a 2PB drive to hold them.

Patience. This has been out for 4 months. Look at what is out there for P3D and FSX after nearly 40 years.

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Why would you expect study level aircraft to be included in a $60 base sim, when study level add ons alone cost that much? Microsoft even said themselves that they did not intend to do so. 3rd parties will provide more functionality in aircraft. Do you know how much time and money it would take to make every aircraft study level in the sim? It would certainly cost more than $60.


No commercial grade sim has ever come with study level aircraft. If that’s what you were expecting, you definitely set your expectations way too high.

Now that said, I agree there’s far too much INOP switches in may of the planes. Making those functions available wouldn’t even come close to making planes study level, but it would be nice to have the sometimes basic functions that go with those non-working switches that are conspicuously absent.


Why would you expect that? Same price point as most other flight sims, no?

Honestly, it’s probably good that the default aircraft are watered down. Getting into this stuff for the first time it’s a bit overwhelming as-is.

There’s a balance to be struck between being realistic enough and catering to a broad audience with the base product.


I think it’s because of the lazy mechanics not fixing all the issues on these aircraft. Just put inop stickers on them. I know that’s normal for systems that aren’t necessary to fly but come on!

Well because they have developed it as an Xbox game so its about 60 % game 40% flight sim, I wish it was the other way around but maybe with time the functionality will improve. Shxx they still don’t even have gliders or helicopters so don’t expect proper GPS or FMS!

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I have heard on the chat boards TP developers are struggling because the SDK doesn’t support what they want to do in terms of full cockpit functionality. I think we are in for a very long wait.

Same here on my end I believe that is correct. Like any sim it takes plenty of time and resources. I agree it’s going to be quite awhile .

Some buttons are meaningless in simulation, like pilot heat, it can’t warm your feet in your cold house

Yet FBW and Aerosoft seem to be able to do the impossible…

Personally I think there’s too many GA aircraft at release and Microsoft should have concentrated on making the reduced amount better.

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Or at least made the Premium/Deluxe aircraft premium instead of in some instance worse than the Standard. I mean you paid extra $60 (cost of standard sim) for Premium aircraft, you should get “PREMIUM” aircraft.


You didn’t pay extra for premium aircraft. That’s the point. You paid for more aircraft and more airports. And that’s what you got. They never lied to you.

I guess you haven’t yet learned that just because someone calls their product “premium” or “professional” or “max” or “extreme” or any other superlative makes it so. This is something called “marketing”.

Now you can continue to be upset about this fact of life or you can just accept it and turn this into a learning experience.

If you learn to manage your expectations a bit lower you will be much happier in life going forward.


The Premium Deluxe Edition includes everything from Microsoft Flight Simulator plus 10 additional highly accurate planes with unique flight models and 10 additional handcrafted international airports.

I guess it depends on how you looks at it.