Why so much INOP in cockpits in aircraft?

They are highly accurate (in visual modeling) and definitely have unique flight models. Nowhere does it say that they are study level. Again, “marketing”. Google it.

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I bought the $120 package with the additional aircraft and never expected any of them to be fully functional nor study level. I just wanted access to every plane and handcrafted airport available.

Yes, me too.

This is a case of “reading comprehension”. When I read that, I translated it to mean;

highly accurate visual model of the aircraft. ie: LOOKS like the real thing.
unique flight model. “Unique”, to me, has always been a ‘red flag’ word. Unique is meant to mean “one of a kind”. What makes it unique in this case is it works like no other.

If I walk down the flight line at an airport and pass 20 different aircraft, although the all have different characteristics, the “model” that keeps them in the air is exactly the same. The designers don’t alter physics. They design and model the aircraft to conform to physics.

They have not lied or misrepresented. You just misinterpreted the promise.

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You guys seriously have high expectations for a $160 game with 35 planes. Realize for a moment that a good chunk of that money is for the base engine of the simulator (roughly 70%?), then do the math on how much each plane costs.

You’re not paying $160 for payware level aircraft, you’re paying $160 for software access to an advanced simulation engine, with a handful of planes to showcase the capabilities of the SDK. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you’ll be comfortable with the fact that there are INOP buttons.

Similarly, I didn’t buy FSX for the planes, I bought it for the sim that it was, and the world it offered, and then paid ~$50 per plane on top of that to learn more about procedural flying.


A study level aircraft will probably cost more than the Sim itself.

What have they done that’s impossible?

The planes are very basic in the sim and I would not download them if they were for free.

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Moan, moan ,moan/// If you don’t know what they have done… there’s no helping you… best go back to your out of date sim,and give people that are enjoying it a rest from your constant whinning.

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So enjoyment has an expiration date?
Good to know…:upside_down_face:

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Glad to have been a help…

If every button worked as intended, then third party developers would be out of business, which is bad for both Microsobo and us consumers as there would be little development and interest on the platform.

Instead, it’s much better to have a wider selection of aircraft which are decent and allow third party developers to flourish on the platform. That way, both they and Microsobo make money and us consumers have a lot more choice.


Maybe you are easily impressed by nothing :joy:

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I agree, too much inop and it’s the just the tip of the iceberg. This game is not a simulation yet and with the release on console soon the simulation aspect won’t be the priority. It will remain a game to fly around the world with a gamepad: the future of Aviation and the next generation of Pilots I guess.

I can understand some complex systems not necessarily being modeled if they’re not essential, or mostly minor things. In most cases, they won’t really have a negative effect on using the plane. Like, who cares that the NO SMOKING or seat belt sign switches don’t work.

But that said, there are far too many INOP controls in some of the planes IMHO, especially when it comes to actual systems. Probably half of the King Air switches are INOP.

There are exactly the right number of INOP controls in all the default aircraft. If you want fewer, buy third-party aircraft add-ons.

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Yes for a game not a simulator, too many INOP buttons means that developers didn’t take care about the simulation aspect. I guess that developers think exactly like you so this situation will probably not change…


The developers you speak of are responsible for creating the environment that will allow for the creation of the aircraft you want. Never in the history of retail flight simulators have the default aircraft met with expectations. This promotes and drives the development of those 3rd party additions to the hanger. I keep saying it and expect I will say it again, it won’t be long before you park those default aircraft and never fly them again. There will even be freeware aircraft that will supercede the defaults.

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