Why such small slider controls

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Why are some of the control sliders are so small ?

For example: the slider for setting the time of day (and similar once through the MSFS2020 User Interface.

It’s made out of a thin line and a really small slider-circle, on both hard to hit the right spots and if using higher Windows and Flightsim resolutions, it feels even smaller. Really hard to hit exactly with the arrowhead of the mouse pointer and even harder to hit when being in VR mode …

I’m not sure how Windows and flight sim resolution changes the UI size. There should be a UI scaling being applied. So even on higher resolution, the UI scales up to make it to the same size as if you’re running on lower resolution. Do you have the scaling turned off?

I play at 4K resolution, and my UI never looked that small.

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Check options menu, there are user interface scale settings as well as colour, font, etc.