Why the heck isn't Multi-Crew on any of the Wishlists?!

I’ve just seen the Jan 28th list of things people are voting for, and aside from the dismay over some things that don’t improve the quality or capabilities of the sim over meaningless eye candy (com on…trains?!) I’m literally stunned that Multi-Crew Ops isn’t even on the ■■■■ radar!?!

I know there’s a hacky thing on GitHub, but this should have been in from day one. To fully appreciate the operations of multi-crew aircraft, as well as the co-op / training features it would bring, we need to get this on the radar and get it lots of votes quickly, otherwise the stuff they’re planning for 2022 is going to block it.

So, vote if you want two players on the same flight deck, at the same time, with their appropriate avatars; interacting with the instruments, switches etc; proper, synced world for both human players and the ability to work aircraft systems or even provide flight training one-on-one, inside the same aircraft.

I think this is the Wishlist topic you are looking for:

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Thanks. Still, I didn’t see this on the roadmap voting lists… :frowning:

It has to make it to the top of the list to be on the Development Roadmap, however topics with fewer votes are looked at, as well. This came up in the Dev Q&A. It was answered with respect to bugs, but it encompasses both bugs and wishlist:

I’m closing this as a duplicate of shared cockpit/multiplayer in order to keep all votes concentrated on one topic.
Definitely feel free upvote and comment on that other topic as you see fit!