Why the silence MS and Asobo?

When you checked your settings, was it during the flight? There are reports that some users are seeing their settings reverted to, IIRC Medium. Have you ever write-protected your UserCfg.opt file?

Exactly, when have they EVER not acknowledged a blatant bug and worked to fix it? Of course they are working on all of these issues.

Some problems take longer to resolve than we’d like but that’s because this sim is ■■■■ complicated. Nothing of this complexity has even attempted before for consumers.

It’s like flight itself. How many rocket failures has Space X, Nasa and Virgin had? How many failed landings on comets, planets, lost signals etc? How many weather predictions, earthquare or volcano detections have failed in real life.

Asobo aren’t God. They can’t make the flight sim world in 6 days and then rest. It’s a lot trial and error, mistakes and corrections. That’s just how cutting edge progress works.

I am constantly checking since SU 5.
Had about 100 restarts - some intentional, some due to CTDs.
My settings are definitely the same.

Do you have any high altitude top-down view from before SU5?
Then just go and reproduce this very same shot now and compare the results and share it with us.

28,000 to Vancouver

Yes they are being paid to do a job but I very much doubt that includes 7 days straight they are entitled to a day off and weekends off just like you !!!


Here’s Milan and Monaco at 35,000 ft


Someone said you only see it if you look out the window:

I dunno, but I don’t see it.

See my other posts too:

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yep. your screenshots look very different than what I see.
And the difference is so huge, it can’t only be, because you are at 1440 resolution.

Your shots look more like what I had before SU5.

Will jump into the sim and slew up over milan and post it here…

come on asbo

Sadly, no. Very rarely above FL150 for most of my flights. That said, I did shoot some footage around Lukla but I’m not sure if I ever spent time looking straight down, so would have to review the footage. I have a small handful of videos going all the way back to August 20th, so comparisons can be drawn where possible, but not of this specific scenario I think.

All I know is before SU5 and the Hot Fix all my peripherals worked. Now they don’t all work. I got some GREAT help from members of this forum in getting everything working before SU5. I assume that after while things will get better, I certainly hope so. Problems that I currently see are the clouds are now “weird”, the scenery looks like one is looking through a blue haze and I don’t like the trade off MS did in regards to frame rates - faster speeds for less accurate scenery. I also don’t like that every update seems to reset everything - why is that??? Why not just leave the users settings alone? I bought FS2020 to use but I seem to be having to “repair” it every time a new update comes out. That is not really what I wanted the app for…I just want to fly!!! FWIW

Here’s Vancouver at 28,000 feet

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“Halt” would insinuate that they can pick things up from where they were left off.

The whole point is that this update erased their progress. So consider it cancelled.

There’s a third reason.They release a statement and people jump down their throats, give abuse, misinterpret what they read or build up false expectations only to have those hopes dashed even more. Don’t get me wrong it’s frustrating but they are ■■■■■■ if they do, ■■■■■■ if they don’t.

here my Milan at FL350


No. Not at all. It simply means the “project as a whole” could resume in the future, which was never denied by anybody.

i think now more than ever they need to come out from under there rock and say sorry we goofed up and at least give us some sort of coms

Are you on ultra? and what level of LOD?

Just tried UK

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What lod sliders? Mine are set to 4 and 4 in the configuration file. Have you tried that? Will hit performance slightly

I think they are referring to the “Terrain Level of Detail slider”, that a lot of users had set to 200, and now seem to need to edit the text file directly to push this higher to get close to what we had before.