Why the silence MS and Asobo?

The big names did get testing access, but only a few days upfront, which was not nearly enough to completely work out all the bugs.

1 or 2 even posted on their own forums they were quite baffled by the state the sim was in when they got test access.

When it comes to flight simulators there is no such thing.

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And then still last minute changes that were not in the testing access, but only in the release.

I think they just got hammered on that XBox deadline. I suspect the offices of Asobo were not very pleasant in that final week. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Even if mods are the reason it’s completely unheard of for an update every other month to break most 3rd party addons which use an officially published SDK (not hacks). Even those from reputable vendors and in the marketplace.
This is definitely not the “Microsoft way”, where backward compatibility is one of the main selling points.

Plus the graphical degradation is real and not up to discussion. I did one flight post SU5, 5nm from a major city, 1800ft ALT. All I could see is forrest plus a few of the hand made 3D objects here and there sticking out. Only when I was almost right above it buildings started to pop up out of nowhere and maybe in a few nm radius. They have ruined the best part of MSFS, that it was the first sim to allow proper VFR navigation. Now it’s only good for screenshots if you look at the correct angle.


I does all feel highly experimental. Changing stuff, breaking stuff, throwing everything around, adding new stuff. It’s a nice process, to eventually get to something really good, but not when you already have paying customers using it. Then it needs to be done way more careful.


I don’t. See these posts:

If you’ve got a locatin with blurry textures I can try, I’ll happily do it and see if I get that too. So far…not found one

Sorry to disgaree, but I’m pretty happy and fly with ULTRA everything on 1440p (I know, not 4K). I see the popin and sure, it could be better, but it is hardly game breaking. I don’t see drops on panning and I don’t see blurry textures at altitude.


On a high end machine here, and very happy thank you.

i9 10900K, 64Gb RAM, RTX 3080 on 2560 x 1440, ultra everything, LODs set on 4 through the config, still gettingt 55+ FPS. Stablity good - occasional hang or CTD on the start flight, but maybe 1 in 5.

I see popin, but it doesn’t seem that bad to me, I don;t get a noticeable FPS drop on panning and I haven’t yet found blirry textures at high altitude.

Sure the sim can improve, but now we’ve got the FPS headroom to do it

Honestly, I think there is a lot of arguing going on behind the scenes between Asobo and Microsoft, which makes creating a statement harder. Microsoft most likely pressured Asobo to push out the update for PC together with the Xbox release for whatever reason. Microsoft probably wanted the Xbox version so badly they put the PC version second. And don’t forget today is Monday which means they didn’t start dealing with this until today. In conclusion, we may not see a statement until this week’s development update.


Not sure what you’re thanking me for.

If you’re not getting blurry textures at high altitude then please indulge us with some screenshots.

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I agree fully.

Seattle isn’t in Germany, nor France…The head of flightsim resides in germany afaik, and the devs are in bordeaux.

See here:

Yeah, as I stated in another post. The issue IS on Management. The question is, how far up the tree does this go? You can say Sebastian or Martial… but what if they are in a pressure cooker designed by Jorg? What if Jorg is himself in a pressure cooker imposed by someone higher up at Microsoft? There is no way for us to know these things, but yeah… this is a prime example of poor management, whoever runs this ship. It’s easy to point the finger at Jorg, but… I am not exactly positive it stops there.


I don’t think MS was pushing this update specifically. They need to push updates together because it’s using a shared server backend, so the servers and clients need to be updated at the same time. Same reason why the update is required, you can’t play without it.

Haha I would be happy if I could trie SU5… my MSFS always brings a “Lost Connection” error since this “update”

Exactly, this most likely is dictated by whoever runs the whole Xbox division. Just a wild guess and speculation ofc…


If you don’t see a problem then I can’t help you.

If you haven’t done so already, fiddle a bit with your XBox login. Out / In…

Please keep images and videos related to MSFS.

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