Why the silence MS and Asobo?

ok so upto now the way i see it, Was they said hey wee fixt the distance and now the treee load a lot ferther out witch is lies. You can see them pop in and out the lod are downgraded just for the xbox now we pc users have to deal with it

I am sure CTDs are top priority and if they find the cause of more of them they would go into a patch.

I really do dislike being constantly told that I am not experiencing what I am experiencing.

I use high and ultra settings. I have 1080, but AA is sharper now, it no longer looks too smooth. I have flown anywhere between low level (2000ft or less) upto 35000ft and previously it was blurry after 3000ft and only got worse. I am now seeing a sharper ground texture beyond 10000ft (highest of flown up to date). Pop up has always been there, it just seems less well done now. As for culling, it is not noticeable enough to be a problem, I can rapidly look around and only rarely do I see distant forest flashing into existence.

Look, just accept that some people, myself included, are not suffering a degradation in graphics as some are.


“I have 1080”

That’s all I need to know :+1:


Sigh. What a cop out. You are unwilling to accept that this is more complex than you describe.

It is better now than before for some users and worse for others.


They did not deploy on Friday. They deployed SU5 on Tuesday and had a hotfix on Friday to get the most critical issues sorted before the weekend. That’s actually exactly how a reasonable developer would do it.


That I would agree with. If you were able to fly using Ultra for everything across the board, you will be disappointed. If you were a Low/Med/High person you are probably happy with what you have now.


For me this is absolutely the best update yet. Increased FPS lets me bump everything up to ULTRA, and the new bloom / glare + bigger LODs look great. Colours are also back to normal now I’ve played with the monitor settings.

Happy as Larry here.


It’s not a cop out, it’s literally the main reason why you don’t think there’s been a graphical downgrade. Also, let me guess, you’ve been able to increase your graphical settings in SU5 as well?

If your PC is weaker than an Xbox, then you’re better off.

Those moaning are people with high end machines.


That’s just it, I am using and have always used high and ultra settings.

And despite you’re inference of anyone using 1080 resolution are unable to see a difference, we can. It is noticeably sharper now than before. I have seem screenshots from people using higher resolutions and are having problems, their views are horrendously blurry.

Something is wrong, but don’t insist that what I and others experienced as being wrong.

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I’m not insisting anything. I would remind people of the instance where someone swore blind that they doubled their framerate when they popped out an instrument view. In fact several people reported this. It was pointed out that this was a bug, and the frame rate had not changed at all, but they had tricked themselves into believing they had doubled their frame rate.

People can easily be fooled into believing what they want to believe, tricking themselves in this case.

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I believe that a lot of the Flight Sim community are use to delays and quiet accepting of them. The third party devs announce delays all the time as they would rather delay release than release a buggy add on. MS delayed WU3 and I think the reaction was mainly of acceptance. Most people just went ‘fair enough’ and got on with other things in the meantime.

I for one understand that MSFS is an extremely complicated program and would’ve completely understood if they had delayed SU5 for more testing. But instead they decided to release it and it went down badly with the community and now they are no where to be seen.

MS / Asobo shouldn’t be afraid to admit they got it wrong and that they need time to fix the bugs. If anything by being open and honest with the community early on they would’ve probably gained more respect and there would’ve been less negative posts in the forum.


They had a deadline to keep, written in stone, so there was no chance of it being held back. But that presupposes this was a mistake, rather than a deliberate act.

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I am not sure how else I am to interpret your meaning.

For me, asobo and Microsoft silence is as much clear as water, is amazing how much people you see in the forum blaming asobo and Ms after every SU update because they have ctds, and it’s almost 85 t0 90% user fault. Is not acceptable after 1 year or so, there are still people that update msfs without clear they community folder and then bam, ctd with third party products.
Solution for them is, came here, blame asobo and Ms and make almost a war against them.
I’m my opinion, the best that asobo and ms could do is keep in silence instead answer some already answered solutions for almost 90%ctd issues.

If it had been the PC only maybe delay would have been possible. But the XBox launch was preannounced. XBox don’t mess about with these kind of things.

Interpret as you wish. I just presented a documented example where someone believed something was true, even though there was no evidence to back it up. They saw a bigger number on screen, and believed it had happened. A quick search of the forums should yield results. I think this was last year some time. Opening a second pop out instrument would appear to treble you framerate, even though no such thing occurred.

That’s why it can be difficult to take someone’s objective opinion as gospel. as sometimes it isn’t objective at all.

Even video evidence is liable to misinterpretation, as you have to trust that the person uploading the footage really does have their settings configured in such, and such a way to illustrate a perceived issue. Another example related directly to that would be some shots uploaded after an update showing terrible terrain quality, and missing PG. For some reason their settings had reverted, and all online features had been turned off. Easily rectified of course, but the evidence on face value was misleading.


Hotfix a Friday… Mmmh OK, we see the result :man_shrugging:

is that comfired Friday?