Why the silence MS and Asobo?

Many people dont have anything into Community folder… And CTD…

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I think he/she meant last Friday.

Unfortunately (at least for now) MFS seems to targeting another group of people who are casuals… So let it be… PMDG is the only hope for now to make it competetive. Xbox move is good for MS but sucks hard for immersion on PC… Night flying is the worst ever now.

Thank you for this very objective post which reflects the state of mind of the simmers abandoned to their fate by MS and ASOBO … I fully share all the content of this post … And I hope that we will go towards a very quick solution. I also wish MS and ASOBO would listen to simmers a lot more than they currently are, improving the game is good, not causing simmers to crash is a top priority.

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Give them a few days people.

And don’t blame the devs… this is on management.


i dont have anything in my commuanty folder and i CTD its asbo to blame without a dout.we have given them a few days @ememPilot

If you want, do even a fast search on the forum, and you will see how many reports ctd and then mark the community folder and addons as the problem.
Every single update you see lots and lots of people with rhis kind of problem.
Of course, other could be software or hardware issue, but almost all the time is people that don’t empty the community folder. Search and you will see​:wink::wink:

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I guess msfs2020 now became defently a platform for add-on developers not to go further.
Read the reaction from simple traffic. Their work they made the last week’s and months became worthless with SU5.
If Pmdg really continues to develop their bigbirds like B767 and B747 they will need a team only for fixings or redevelop after each Simupdate.
If they really have the patience and resources for this, I’m pretty sure it will be expensive.
And I’m sure too there will be a ■■■■ storm if the gamers have to pay 80 or even more bucks in a study level bird


Nah, not really. They acknowledged issues last week and came with a hotfix. Now, I agree, that hotfix seemed to actually do nothing positive… more of a notfix… so now they need another few days to figure out what really went wrong.

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how generous of you.

Also, historically staff in many french companies take much of their annual leave in august, the last days of July may be the single worst possible time :stuck_out_tongue:


I am honest, I have a mid range pc and this SU5 helped me a lot and improve my Sim. I gain more than 20 fps and so far, no more ctd.
Even for me is frustrating reading comments from people that have 2 or 3 time my pc value on their machines and have poor performance but lots of them is because vr and 4k. I don’t use none of them so that could be my luck

Whats crazy is I thought Aerosoft was making simple traffic? Aren’t they one of the 3rd party devs partnered up with Asobo? I thought this partnership was an open line of communication so SDKs/the sim can be developed in a way to make the 3rd party devs lives easier, not harder. Shame - I was really looking forward to that product.


I really do hope Asobo and MSFS will do something big this week from a communication standpoint.

I love this sim. I want it great. SU5 is not great. Hoping they can tweak it back to how it was while keeping some of the performance gains that others desperately want.

Their has to be a balance, but SU5 is not balanced. It went way too far on performance/fps and needs to go back towards visual fidelity.

Plus all the bugs. Some big ones. We need a big communication on a plan. That’s what a lot of us are asking - just communicate.


Some communication would really help to calm people down and set expectations. What was intended and what will be fixed next? When can we expect the next patch? Or do we have to shelve the sim until SU6?


A lot of us were CTD for nearly 6 months after WU3 and nothing was done about it… Hopefully, this one won’t take as long… But I doubt anything will be done in a matter of days

To be honest, I hope PMDG pull out of MFS all-together. It’s not until some of the big names do this when Asobo might finally get the message.

Asobo’s arrogance is astounding - they expect 3rd parties to dance to their tune with absolutely NO communication between them AND that the 3rd party is expected to have resources for babysitting (what should be) their final product - subject to Asobo messing everything up with their next update.

Not that Asobo would know what a “final product” is.


The big names did get testing access, but only a few days upfront, which was not nearly enough to completely work out all the bugs.

1 or 2 even posted on their own forums they were quite baffled by the state the sim was in when they got test access.

When it comes to flight simulators there is no such thing.

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And then still last minute changes that were not in the testing access, but only in the release.

I think they just got hammered on that XBox deadline. I suspect the offices of Asobo were not very pleasant in that final week. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: