Why the silence MS and Asobo?

Actualy @Kjaye767 we dont know they are working on it, unless you work for asbo and not saying anything how do you know they are working on it. did they tell you that they are working on it ??

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So there is confirmation that it has indeed been cancelled? Can you link me?

With all due respect scruffy, if asobo, microsoft would at least give a headsup occassionaly to “the masses” instead of being so quiet, there would be a lot less anger and frustration in these forums. We, some of us have paid money we dont really have in these hard times and so really you cant not expect a certain level of bad feeling to come out. I totally agree though that the forum must remain polite and respectful at all times.


Same here…just amazing

but to be fair to the people that have issues…it may be appropriate for Asobo and Microsoft to make a statement at the United Nations


Thanks! Very bad.

asbo strikes again

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Its called experience. Asobo has always addressed the major issues with the sim. With the LOD thread having over votes…you can be sure that they are looking into the issue to find a resolution.

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any location will do.

go to, let’s say 34.000 ft, then look down.

Best to be seen when you do over populated area.

I just flew from Vienna to Barcelona and experienced the very low resolution terrain over Milan and Monaco with all Settings on ULTRA and all sliders at 100 with an i5-10600K @5,0 Ghz, 32 GB RAM and a RTX 3090 with 70 to 80 FPS @ 1080 resolution.

Same settings and system had very clear terrain before SU5, but with “only” 60 FPS.

So more performance ( where not needed) for less quality.


I wonder if PMDG will feel the same

Nah. Randazzo already made a statement. No major issues, only a small cockpit resolution bug that is already fixed internally.

When you checked your settings, was it during the flight? There are reports that some users are seeing their settings reverted to, IIRC Medium. Have you ever write-protected your UserCfg.opt file?

Exactly, when have they EVER not acknowledged a blatant bug and worked to fix it? Of course they are working on all of these issues.

Some problems take longer to resolve than we’d like but that’s because this sim is ■■■■ complicated. Nothing of this complexity has even attempted before for consumers.

It’s like flight itself. How many rocket failures has Space X, Nasa and Virgin had? How many failed landings on comets, planets, lost signals etc? How many weather predictions, earthquare or volcano detections have failed in real life.

Asobo aren’t God. They can’t make the flight sim world in 6 days and then rest. It’s a lot trial and error, mistakes and corrections. That’s just how cutting edge progress works.

I am constantly checking since SU 5.
Had about 100 restarts - some intentional, some due to CTDs.
My settings are definitely the same.

Do you have any high altitude top-down view from before SU5?
Then just go and reproduce this very same shot now and compare the results and share it with us.

28,000 to Vancouver

Yes they are being paid to do a job but I very much doubt that includes 7 days straight they are entitled to a day off and weekends off just like you !!!


Here’s Milan and Monaco at 35,000 ft


Someone said you only see it if you look out the window:

I dunno, but I don’t see it.

See my other posts too:

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yep. your screenshots look very different than what I see.
And the difference is so huge, it can’t only be, because you are at 1440 resolution.

Your shots look more like what I had before SU5.

Will jump into the sim and slew up over milan and post it here…

come on asbo

Sadly, no. Very rarely above FL150 for most of my flights. That said, I did shoot some footage around Lukla but I’m not sure if I ever spent time looking straight down, so would have to review the footage. I have a small handful of videos going all the way back to August 20th, so comparisons can be drawn where possible, but not of this specific scenario I think.