Why were groups removed?

SIm Updat 8 removed groups from the scenery editor. Now all the assets are all grouped under 1 root folder, you still have the ability to re-organize this but what was the purpose behind this change, why just remove already grouped assets?

Can this change please be reverted and hot-fixed?


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There’s nothing in the SDK documentation indicating they were being depreciated.
Do we now have to re-create the master groups ourselves?
If we do, and the master groups are re-instated, what happens?
Is there an SDK update coming soon that may change things again? Noticed the release notes mention changes to the 3ds max exporter, which tends to be related to the SDK.

It did change for some reason… and yes the doing it manually is a bit annoying but it still builds the package from what I’ve done ….

I noticed this today and tried to recreate the master groups but unfortunately things like polygons will be ungrouped again after a reload.

Edit: found this in the newest change log:

  • Removed the automatic grouping by type for the first level objects (“Scenery”, “Airports”, “Polygon”, etc nodes). You can now make this hierarchy yourself by creating groups and then name, order and organized them as you want.
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Glad it’s all confirmed now.
Documented in the change log and SDK 0.17 released.

The new grouping system has been documented in the SU8 docs: The Scenery Editor

Please note that you may need to do a hard cache clear of the browser (or view in incognito mode) since there have been major changes to the docs with this update and they may conflict with already cached files.