Wi-fi internet problem with the Game


I m conecting via wifi 5Ghz , my speed test download is more than 214 Mbps , however in the game the photometry is constantly disconnected due to connection problems.

Using TP-link AC 1900 dual band 3.0 / 1.300 Mbps 5GHz

Any idea ?

Thanks a lot


Simply said, your going to need a lot more than 2.5. Try hardwired

WIFI is just not made for many many many parallel conncetions :wink:

Also as higher you come with the WIFI frequency, as lower is the range and as more instable it will be in “edge zones”. Of course the “router” itself is also relevant, in special these tp-link is not ‘the best one’ ( is it the old A9 edit: ah no, the old A9 was not able to offer 2500bandwith :slight_smile: ? ).

If you are sure about a issue with WIFI you can try to switch to 2.4G band … also possible try a repeater… or much better, use a network cable.

thx, game use more than 214 Mbps ?

these value 2500… etc… say’s often not much, because it is a measurement for one single connection. Hard work and much more real are many parallel connections.

The game can use at bandwith what is possible over your WIFI and of course what’s your speed of your Internet connection is. I asssume the most routers should not have any kind of issue and you can play this game also over WIFI. BUT: WIFI connection quality depends on so many factors.

A good example: my router is two rooms far and as I “work at home” I connected the work-laptop with wifi , is just easier. The connection quality was about 70% , but I had random strange connection lost of the vpn. I noticed that the connection quality goes sometime down ( may be the neigboor looks strange videos :wink: ) and the VPN disconnected. The result: I just work now also with the laptop at may switch ( little vpn and thats it ).

But… have you checked that you realy lost the WIFI connection ? Some users reported issues with the Azure server-connections. Best would be, if you can try a network-cable, just for test-case.

EDIT: ah, you added images… then you may be not meant that you lost your WIFI connection, instead you report the in-game “connection lost” message. For these exists some topics.
Reasons can be : still your WIFI connection, your Internet-Provider, Azure-Server issues, others see existing topics.

Example Forum Search:

Example Existing Topic:

Thanks for you time

HI @happygolucky32,

As this isn’t (yet) a specific bug report with MSFS itself I’ve moved your topic to the #self-service:pc-hardware category, where others can continue to assist and add to the discussion :+1:


Did you by chance try using the google map modification? That will mess up your connection and not only for MSFS but for everything that connects through the router, hardwired and wifi.

The data you have provided, specs of your router and speedtest, is not enough to determine whether wifi is at play here.
Best is to use an app such as Inssider on PC or Wifiman on mobile, to measure wifi signal quality where your PC is located.

You can also ping your router, to determine if there is any loss.

I have experienced the same error messages as you, using a Gigabit wired connection to my router. It was likely due to a slow CDN node, server side.

One way to circumvent that is to use a VPN service.

I like ProtonVPN, they have a free tier with servers in the USA, NL and JPN, you can try them to see if it make a difference, it could depending on your location.

i experience these before because i use google map Mod and uninstall it, not properly stop

You have to delete or modify your host file to fix it totally, if you look in that file you will see a setting(s) for localhost. localhost should equal, if you have something else in there for delete the entries and save the file and you should be good to go…