Wild Fires

Is there any talk about doing retardant drops on wild fires for challenge missions one day? I think it would be awesome to do, hope there are others out there that think it would be cool too.

In NeoFly it has missions where you need to land firefighters near wildfires. It even looks at actual real-world live emergencies around your airport and if there is a fire around you it might generate a mission for that fire’s actual location.

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It has no visual representation, unfortunately. I think that would be a great addon, for objects in the sim to be spawned on the fly based on a generated mission.

Spawning fire objects and other objects at mission destinations has been on the NeoFly developer’s to do list for a long time.

I think the only reason they haven’t done it up to now is that the SDK doesn’t support it yet

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I’m thinking of a rescue mission, where a crashed plan has been reported in an area, and as you approach you’d see a signal flare go off, and you need to land nearby to pick up that person.

That rescue missions sounds like a good idea. I Fight wildfires in the summer and it would be cool one day to have wildfire missions in the sim

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