Wildfires / Hurricanes and your Safety!

Hello fellow simmers!

Please take a moment to ensure that you are not in any immediate danger of the California wildfires (300+ currently active) as well as the two tropical systems forming near Florida and Eastern Caribbean. Heed all orders delivered by your local authorities.

These fires have claimed lives as well as resulted in thousands of evacuees, including myself. I was forcibly evacuated at 02:03AM this past Wednesday and had 30 minutes to gather all my belongings with my mom and disabled father who is immobile. I have been visiting home to care for my father who is under home-hospice care. I have experienced and been affected by two hurricanes in the past and, although spectacular, these natural events are extremely dangerous.

Again, please look around you. Turn on the news station or your local news app. Check in with people you know who may be affected and reach out. Provide resources, care and your time to help others who need resources, care and time. It could mean the world to them and you will never face regret for your actions.

I apologize if this is not relevant to Microsoft Flight Simulator, but I felt the need to stress the importance of safety during these crazy times. I remind you to please not mention politics, religion, false statements/information or personal identifying information in this topic, and follow all forum guidelines when replying.

For more information on the California Fire Incidents, click here. [CAL FIRE]
For more information on hurricane developments, click here. [NOAA]

Love you all, stay safe, and see you in the busy skies soon!


thanks, it smells pretty smokey around here, but CalFire and counties are doing great work to keep folks informed so far. Cudos to all first and second and third responders doing amazing work to get things under control. Another round of thunderstorms this weekend… so unlikely to improve just yet

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Thanks for your concern. I live about 10 min from SFO and it’s surreal looking, smoky and hot. To go outside I’ve been wearing an N95 with a cloth mask over. Super fun especially if you wear glasses that can’t seem to clear. The two largest fires are the 2nd and 4th largest ever. Twice as many acres are on fire as in all of last year.

Apparently peak season is October. Gulp.

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