Will Asobo investigate Logbook issues?

There have been reports of flights repeatedly not being logged in the logbook at all as well as departures and/or arrivals being missing. An extended thread can be found here


Did Asobo look into the logbook issues or intend they to do so to make sure any properly performed flight from one airport to another one being registered in the logbook?

Have the same problem with the logbook since the 3rd patch. Records only takeoffs. Records only a very small part of flight time and do not recognize the airports.


Good question. Having issues with my bush trips as well.

One thing I have offten noticed is the pilot logbook system often incorrectly logs a flight with no take off and/or landing. It seems to insist you start your take off run from behind the threshhold and land before the first (??) to third markers along the runway… Now for light aircraft and other smaller types, it is common practice for ATC to permit a mid-runway start to save the little GA a long taxi. Also, on grass strips you can also have the game failing to record a take off correctly. Another problem is that IRL you are able to practice field landings away from an airfield - landings here never seem to get recorded. You can do dozens of practice emergency landings and still get none recorded.

This is a big fail of flight sims. Can we not finally get a true logbook editing system installed? This is not just a wish, it is a MUST HAVE.



It’s nothing to do with that, it’s the Objectives. If you don’t tick those off, it won’t advance your flight to the next “stage”. Have a quick look at this:

That is as close to a complete list of the stages I could get, as you step through from cold & dark, climbing to cruise, then requesting landing clearance, then finally taxi to ramp, and shutdown. I have seen multiple stages trigger at once. For example, if you don’t request pushback, and simply start the engine, and turn around yourself, then that stage will automatically trigger, and skip straight to the next stage.

If you fail to trigger these stages, it seems to lead to missing information. I’ll need to re-test this today without conversing with ATC, but my suspicion is some of the early stages then won’t trigger.

For those that don’t interact with ATC, for whatever reason, then that is probably why your flights don’t get logged correctly. I also suspect that it is more likely that take-offs don’t get logged more often than landings, as there are many more stages from ramp to take-off. Runway starts skip a lot of that, and I would imagine they log much more reliably, possibly even all the time, as all you need to do is accelerate, and leave the ground.

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Web based access to logbook and ability to export are features that are obvious and should have been there day one.

Fine, fine… but that is “Game” playing. You don’t physically write ticks into a checklist in real life. You go through paper as far as prepare to taxi, call tower for “Go”. Besides at many grass strips in msfs, you don’t have ATC.

Also - I am getting some flights recorded correctly anyway. But all that procedural stuff is really playing at flying big stuff. That is not my kind of flying. I do use ATC if there is a tower and I do still lose data if I decide to fly a C152 from the mid point of a 3000 metre runway - all real world legal.

And we still need a manual log book function to write up our post flight data with comments. Like I say - we need a real logbook function. In earlier FS versions, I even created my own paper logbook. Also in my own RW glider logs I recorded field landings with commentary, also awards such as Diamand Height gain, 5 hour flight, first solo, conversions to different types…

So far none of the sims can do this. AFAIK, that is. There was a logbook editor for FSX though.

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But you do have checklists in real life, right? That list might be on paper, or in your head, but you go through a series of steps to get from the ground to the air.

The issue is there is no flexibility here. If you don’t follow that logical process, the sim has no way of knowing what stage you are currently at, so information is lost.

I have no way of knowing for sure, but I would imagine the bulk of users who report logging issues are getting stuck somewhere on that list of steps, possibly because they did not communicate their intentions. The folks who fly airliners should be used to procedures, but if they are using Vatsim for ATC, then I can see this is problematic. Not random, not luck, but explainable, but still problematic for them.

But this should not require breaking off in-game to tick off a checklist.

To be fair, I only left that objectives window open when I was creating that post. For me, I am following a procedure in my head. I am not ticking things off anywhere. I am following a logical process of starting my engines, requesting taxi clearance, taxiing to runway entrance, requesting take off clearance, entering the runway, and then taking off.

Everyone does this in some way or another.

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I have no idea what’s going on. Mine started logging again yesterday after not logging a thing since patch 6.

I never use ATC, or start cold from a gate, etc and had never had a problem until last week

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If you don’t start cold, then I would imagine that take-offs being logged are a given, at least for that particular take-off.

After work, I’m going to check that flow in my post, and see if it differs when you don’t interact with ATC. Best case is that the objectives will tick-off anyway, making ATC more of a nudge to get you to do the correct thing, another form of assistance, if you will.

The fact u need the in game atc to log long haul flights is just dumb I don’t use in game atc as I use vatsim much more realistic than the in game atc.
Hence why my logbook is simtoolkit pro and another but of software that I wrote myself.

Such a shame though not a game breaker for me

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You are 100% correct ATC is broken.
Vote here to ask the question about fixing the ATC.

Right now, this is listed as to be fixed in “2021”. Really? When in 2021, January or December? That’s a pretty wide range.

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Answer: Most of the issues should have been fixed in update 7. The logbook should now properly log unfinished flights (either via return to main menu or via landing and shutting down the engine and Master). Please make sure that the DevMode is turned off if you want your flight to be logged. If the DevMode is activated during the flight, it will not be logged. Some issues are still under investigation.

Timestamp on Youtube: Will link to this one available