Will ATC be fixed some day to stop calling other aircraft "Generic"?

A lot of times, ATC will say something like, “Follow the Generic on final” instead of “Follow the 737 on final.” Is something getting in the way of making this change? I assume that the sim has all the data necessary to call aircraft by their real types.

I think this Wishlist request (made today) is relevant to this.

Thanks for that. Whenever I can, I usually add posts as a “related topic” above the question, which I did on mine. Last month, there was a Dev Q&A question that received more votes than the Wishlist question it was representing. :frowning:

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This is actually related to the models used - the basic generic ai models have the following code in place:


This is the actual callout you hear spoken by ATC - I changed it on my end to



Anyway, there would be two different ways to “fix” this:

  1. Generics are replaced with their real world counterparts (this is already in progress since ever but the issue is the license topic on the livery end. Jörg said that 80% of all active aircraft around the world are already modeled exactly one year ago). Also the ATC database has to be refactored as currently many models are missing. This database is basically from 2006 with few additions - e.g. the A350 is not known.

  2. Make use of the information provided by FlightAware on live traffic to overwrite the actual hard coded ATC information (for this to work the ATC database has also to be refactored). Downside: You will get the call to follow a specific aircraft type but you will still see the generic model :wink: A b744 will look like Frankensteins Monster A380.

Likely the system right now is this way as plans on release had to be shifted. It looks like the initial plan was to ship proper models and atc types with the sim for traffic but then MS told licenses for each livery would be mandatory. A proof on that could be considered the fact that there is an A32N traffic aircraft and that the ATC database also looks to be a quick port over from FSX instead of being a rebuild with all icao aircraft. The “Generic” ATC type also is not inside of the database - it’s directly parsed from the aircraft.cfg which is not how it should work :slight_smile:

Anyway you got my vote here as I still want to see option one :wink:

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Thanks! Regarding #2, I would be fine with an interim solution with having the wrong model. If the model is wrong today but it’s now called a 737, to me that’s better than having the wrong model and having it being called a Generic. Hope that makes sense!

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This is the second Q&A question I’ve noticed that now has more votes than the Wishlist topic associated with it.

Part of the reason staff put links to relevant topics on every question is so that people can add their votes to the other relevant places in the forums, too. So to anyone who sees a “related topic” above one of the questions you’re interested in, please feel free to follow through and see if you’ve voted for the related topic, too. Q&A questions are transient, but these bug reports and Wishlist topics last a lot longer (unfortunately, in most cases).

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