Will Azure voice services ever be fixed?

Just bring up your resource monitor and filter it to only show flightsimulator.exe. You’ll see all the connections the sim makes.

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Well today Azure already crapped out trying to answer my IFR flight plan filing request. The rest of the connections work fine. Just that Azure text to voice.

I suspect it has more to do with the influx of new players since the Xbox release than any sim code changes. They probably made mistakes in network resource planning and have yet to tune it correctly. They probably don’t want to (or can’t get approval to) just throw more Azure resources at it because of the added cost.

I don’t get the Azure voice service drop out, but I have noticed that since SU6 they seem more scratchy than before, which I believe I have mentioned also where. It’s like all the bass has been rolled off, and the treble turned all the way up. It’s different from the signal degradation you get when at a distance, and it can be heard while communicating with ground.

I think there are other things at play here.
Azure dropping out has happened to me only once since my initial install back on day one (Release Date).


Just departed from Tokyo, immediately switched to off-line voices again, yet zero issues streaming the PG data, live weather, live traffic, multiplayer. What’s so special about Azure text to speech.

I’m just completing one of the very rare post-SU5 flights I’ve had without Azure dropping on me.

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Same here, since update 5 Azure drops off every time! Now I just expect it to , and it does. Every time!

So I’ve never had this problem before. Then yesterday I decided to clean install Windows 11 (wipe and format drive). I clean installed MSFS and updated everything (drivers, updates, etc). I now have this annoying problem! It happens on basically every flight and I can’t seem to figure out what causes it. To make it worse sometimes it will turn off Bing data and I have to go into the menu to turn it back on. @Crunchmeister71

Well, you were fortunate that it never affected you before. I’ve been dealing with this daily since July.

On the plus side, it doesn’t disable my Bing data. And I’ve had the odd time where it’s started working again on the same flight I’ve lost it on. Although those times are exceedingly rare. Even rarer than the few times I can complete a flight without Azure dropping.

Yea it will typically say “Connection Lost” then mention about Azure services. I have a Killer Networking Wireless card but I’m running Ethernet. To be fair though I’m running my computer on a university network, and it’s unknown if they are having problems.

Hard-wired to my internal LAN which runs 10 Gbit, so no internal bottlenecks. I’m on gigabit fibre to the internet and it’s been nothing but rock solid and blazing fast. MSFS is the only online service I ever have issues with.

Hmm interesting. I had problems a while back when the MSFS server was having issues. I need to monitor task manager and see if I’m actually dropping connection.

These off line voices are horrendous, especially with all of these constant Azure outages.

Are there any add ons that improve the off line voices? I’ve searched but can’t find any…thanks!


Azure has dropped and gone offline every flight I’ve flown since SU7. The only difference is that it has been coming back after about 45 minutes. The offline voices are indeed awful. I’m strongly considering a 3rd party ATC. The issues with the current ATC/Azure appear to be here to stay .

Since SU7, when Azure voice drops, I get a CTD within about a minute afterwards. :confused:

and there we go again… :frowning:

I’ve had several instances now where Azure TTS drops out, and I never used to get it. I’ve never had a CTD because of it though.

Oh well, never mind, we will be compensated next year with a new arcade addon. Can’t remember what it is called, something to do with a 1960’s TV cowboy series about a poker player :rofl:

I actually thought this was discussed in one of the Dev Q&As…maybe something they can focus on as part of the future bugfix releases.