Will Azure voice services ever be fixed?

I’m another one with Azure ATC dropping out every time I start a flight, this started straight after installing SU5.

Yup. Had it drop on me in both my flights so far today. Although it did kick back on on my first. Still waiting to see if comes back on this flight.

I find this fascinating.

It is so strange that some of you have this as a regularly occurring issue and I’ve only had it happen a couple of times.

What, then, is the issue that is affecting some and not others??

In a typical day, how many hours are you flying?

I had been losing Azure at least once nearly every flight for the last month. Suddenly about 5 days ago…no more interruptions. :flushed:

Same. Since SU5, almost every single flight. The last week-ish, it’s been fine. It started again today.

Are people here controlling the ATC themselves or are you using the AI Copilot to handle the ATC?

Just wondering what the statistics here are.

I use the AI co-pilot.

I work the radios myself. I don’t use AI.

I originally thought it was something connected with using A! co-pilot for comms, but since then I have experienced the problem both with and without, so it seems to make no difference.

This topic has been discussed in various threads for nearly six months now. The problem still exists as originally described, and nothing has been done about it :frowning_face:

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