Will future content depend on what version you have?

Hope the question is self explanatory. If I have the premium deluxe version would I be getting more future content than what the standard version gets?
This is of course assuming Microsoft will be supporting Flight Simulator in the next 10 years with additional planes and custom airports and points of interest.

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I highly doubt it. If premium deluxe users got more content than everyone else over time then it would be advertised as one of their main selling points

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I think we will have to pay for additional content. The Marketplace has it’s reason in the game.

You get what you paid for, but nothing more with regards to aircraft and handmade airports - which is okay as long as they fix and enhance the platform (bugs, limited functionality etc.) to the state that they actually promised when it was launched.

I thought it’s to the benefit of Microsoft that people buy the more expensive version. Many people would still buy the cheaper version knowing they would still get new content even if not as much as the premium deluxe.

I can see your style of thought but as mentioned above, you already got what you paid for, additional content has always been available for every user at the same price, standard edition people can upgrade, it just costs considerably more to do so.

Because someone bought the standard version they should not be punished and limited to exclusive content only


But the catch here is people will not get the current airport nor aircraft that come with your version of the base game unless 3rd party developers made them. People are not able to buy these airports or aircraft individually