Will it ever be possible to import flight plans from msfs to the CRJ?


I’ve mailed Asobo about it and they told me it’s still not possible. I don’t want to use simbrief I just want to plan and fly like in all the planes I have. (only asbobo though).

Who’s at fault here? SDK impossibility or just no priority by aerosofrt?



That’s why I didn’t buy the CRJ. or buy anything that doesn’t use MSFS functions. That goes for the checklists as well.

100% Aerosoft. Other planes can do this, they choose not to support it.


Just recieved a reply that it’s not even planned. What a shame if you ask me.

why not use simbrief ??? Works well for me.

Because the in sim planner is handy and easy and I don’t want to use another tool.

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Do you fly on Vatsim ??

No I don’t. I only use Volanta to track my flights but in that tool I don’t have to do anything it just works.

Then you probably don’t need Simbrief. When I fly on the Vatsim network and use ATC, the Simbreif flight plans are often exactly what the airlines are flying so I know it will be accepted by ATC.

Well. Withouth simbrief the CRJ has no flightplan then without setting it up manually. That’s what this topic is about :wink:

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so are the plans in Flightaware. That’s why I use those waypoints in the MSFS planner. I avoid extraneous software like the plaque.

Just saying Simbrief is free and VERY easy to use. It actually creates the route for you (based on RW flight plans AND you can download it into your FMS easily.

I know, I made an account 2 years ago, and never use it. Thanks

I mean thank you for your efforts but we said multiple times we don’t WANT to use it? MSFS has a real handy in sim planner with a beautiful world map. It would be fine to use simbrief when I’m only flying between some big airports but lots of times I will go like “let’s see what airports are there found on little islands in the carribean” and still want the route to be on my GPS.

Not only that, I dont use vatsim because even IRL we rarely ever even need to say boo to ATC. Besides, whenever I’ve looked on vatsim they rarely ever have coverage where I want to fly. So why logon there?