Will MFS PC version from now be bottlenecked by the Console?

Well not sure I’m even seeing that. I could run ultra on monitor fine and still looks great. But now I can run ultra on VR too.

It isn’t just about PC components and peripherals, this hobby thrives on addons and some addons I can’t see feasibly working on a console. A console is not a replacement for a PC when it comes to everything one wants in a flight sim, not even close. It would not surprise me at all that within a year the number of those playing MSFS on a console will be very low. Hopefully by that time PC players aren’t still being treated unfairly.

Yeah, I’m getting 70+ FPS fully maxed out but I was also getting at least 40 FPS maxed out last build. What did that increase cost? A ton when it comes to visuals. At first I was like “Wow, nice FPS!” but then I started to realize why it was happening. It’s ridiculous that many of us who have shelled out thousands of dollars for rigs have to deal with this and I really hope they give those who actually have the headroom for better visuals more options.



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Yep, for those who could run on ultra with decent fps before the update, I agree. That’s a compromise they took to provide great performance to basically all of us this time.
It’s not the final build, there will be updates that will cater for higher end hardware. It now comes down to priorities since their biggest, the XBox, is done now.

I agree, especially if you’re at the ‘realistic as possible’ stage when it comes to study-level aircraft, real-life procedures and flight planning, career modes, VATSIM and IVAO etc. Many of us have been there, done that and come out the other side realising we were virtually going to work instead of actually unwinding after work!
As I’ve said in other topics, anyone who has any kind of home cockpit or VR setup should stick with PC for now, but those of us who have cut back to one monitor, kb&m, joystick/yoke have nothing to lose by moving to Xbox.

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Don’t hate me, but I gotta say that I just don’t see the visual degredation here. I have a high end system I think - i9 10900K, 64Gb RAM, RTX 3080 running on 2560x1440 (2k) at all ultra, 200 LODs, 100 res scaling. You can see what I see in these two posts made after the patch. I do see the distant redraw of scenery on fast camera switching. I don’t see the short range popin at airports (probably because I have only one or two add on airports - not really a thing for me). I do see photogrammetry “resolve” itself a bit underneath the plane at low altitude. But overall, I’m not seeing the visual degredation that everyone seems to be talking about.


Prepares to run for cover

Won’t hate you, but there are different situations people refer to have degradations which are also proven by screenshots.
Skylines in photogrammetry areas not rendered as far as they used to, pixelated ground textures while in high altitude and high speed. You just might be lucky not to run into them :slight_smile:

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Isn’t there an updated post about that very issue that states that it is solved, and was caused by server-side issues during patch day?

Edit - this one:
Blurry textures have been solved! - Community / General Discussion - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums


That’s implying that 40 FPS isn’t great. If visuals didn’t take a massive hit here I wouldn’t be so disgruntled nor would many others, the problem is I’m seeing 70 FPS and it’s clearly evident why and it’s not positive. It’s wonderful that many are seeing an FPS boost that they really needed but 70 FPS in MSFS is rather pointless. I just wish they gave us who have a ton of headroom to work with more options. SU5 was not really a win-win when it comes the performance.

Oh, 40fps is great and I was able to get them in Ultra before SU5 as long as I wasn’t close to a bigger airport with lots of AI aircraft and/or photogrammetry.
Now the framerate is much more consistent for me so even if I also lost a little visual quality (not as much affected since I’m mostly flying GA), the smoothness is very much welcome.

I know that not everyone thinks that way, the experience is very much differnt for each of us. Statements that the whole player base wants the changes reverted do not reflect the majorities though, I’m pretty sure. The forums don’t draw a good picture of how many people like/dislike the update.

I’m pretty sure it is a win-win just without the immediate perceived “win” for those with high end hardware. Optimization is always good. It makes them tweak things, learn what is possible with the engine etc. It’ll benefit the high end PCs as well, just not immediately.
Also I remember complaints from RTX 3090 owners about bad performance too…

Oh, well if it’s solved then even better. I thought peolpe were only able to recover some details by increasing LOD in the config file which I do not think is a viable workaround for many. But if that was really down to server issues (like the weather sometimes is), even better.

I just wish they had made that compromise for the XBox version only. They didn’t even need to comprise some of these things on the PC side, but they chose to for this unified platform we call MSFS.

I’ll believe they are truly serious about them seeing the PC as a platform they care about when they address these issues head on. Everything else is just words. Questions need to be asked at the next dev Q&A, and woe betide them if they try to sweep this under the carpet.


Most of my flying in MSFS is in light general aviation aircraft also conducted under VFR, the visual impacts are brutal at times. I’ve said it before I can pull out a TAC and try to navigate using it but I notice that something is seriously up, I’m not able to see some prominent features displayed on it anymore unless I’m right smack on top of it, scenery in general has this problem now too.


There is the LOD issue, which developers are going to have to refactor so that objects are visible correctly at varying distances at different LOD levels.

I wish Asobo would just include more specific options in the graphics settings. It caters to everyones PC needs. As much as I dont like the downgrades, Im happy Im finally able to fly the airliners in VR, but thats not fair to limit everyone.

Not to bring XP11 in, but there are mods on it that specifically let you change LOD distances and almost every other graphical aspect of the game with a click of a mouse. TBH, this should be standard with Flight sims. This is a much different space than say the Competitive gaming space where it would effect it.


I do find some posts in this thread to be unnecessarily pessimistic.

It seems clear that before too long, the majority will be on Xbox, but this brings a significant financial boost to MS/Asobo to ensure the best possible experience for both PC and Xbox platforms.

I can grant a temporary focus on Xbox as the platform enters the sim, but I struggle to see any long-term downsides for PC with the arrival of Xbox. :thinking:


why would that be clear, or even probable?

A new report claims that 48 percent of all gaming happens on PCs, with a whopping 3.1B gamers worldwide across all platforms, consoles, and mobile devices. 3 Billion People Worldwide Are Gamers, and Nearly Half Play on PCs - ExtremeTech

that means that all consoles, and even mobile devices included, only make up 50% of gamer’s hardware. if you look at just xbox x/s numbers, this number should be tiny, i guess. :slight_smile:

I type this waiting for the scenery updates to install. Haven’t seen anything yet.

PC will not be limited by console. The core simulation will be common. That’s it.

Th flight model, the calculations of moving traffic, the weather, conditions while simulating, these are what is common between a PC and a console. The data produced by the common simulation code will be nearly identical on both platforms.

Visuals and controllers, peripherals, etc, are all I/O** and are handled differently on each platform because the hardware is different. THIS is the difference. This is made more difficult on the PC side because there are far fewer standards in place.

When the MSFS2020 app starts up, it identifies the platform (PC or console) and loads appropriate code for reading and writing I/O on the hardware it detects.

I would like to respectfully suggest that some folks here lighten up. :slight_smile:

** I/O = input and output, a keyboard, mouse, joystick are inputs, sound cards, graphics cards are outputs.


The graphics engine is the same, XBox just has already gotten the DX12 upgrade that PC will get soon.
Other than that, it doesn’t matter if PC or XBox, the protocols, the engine, DirectX, all is the same on the console as on a similarly specced PC.
I/O is plain USB, just with the limitation that there are no drivers or support for many peripherals, but that’s a choice MS did.

The times of big differences on consoles compared to PC are long gone.

From what I can see, with MSFS being on Game Pass, it opens things up to a much wider population. MSFS has Games Pass on PC too, but you need a beast of a PC, so that’s a barrier to entry which Xbox doesn’t have on next gen.

We’re both speculating, so we’ll have to wait and see. :slightly_smiling_face:

MSFS on Xbox should never have been anything more than a Project xCloud release.