Will Microsoft (or anyone) input the ability to create emergencies?

I don’t own MSFS 2020 yet, but I have been watching a lot on YouTube. I think it would be great to be able to program an emergency (or several emergencies) before your flight. Like an engine fire, or engine failure, hydraulic failure, a stall (I know I can create the environment for a stall but to have the Sim do it unexpectedly would be great), a bird strike, landing gear failure (to deploy, retract or get stuck). I could go on with all types of emergencies but I’m sure you get the idea. Any idea if they might integrate this into the sim at some point in time?

I think you can do this already in the aircraft selection on what failures can occur and at what time.


As @Darkpaolo92 already mentioned: This is already in:

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It is indeed partially implemented. There are not as many possible failure scenarios as in FSX and all at the end of the day mean an inrecoverable loss of an engine. (If I recall correctly a extinguished engine could be restarted in FSX, albeit at a lower power output)

The most annoying thing though, is that you can’t set/configure the failures in-flight. So, if you decide for educational or casual fun to have a failure, you can’t do that currently.