Will mouse cursor disappearing issue be fixed in SU8 ?


I wonder the long lasting mouse cursor disappearing issue be fixed in SU8 ?

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I have noticed if you toggle to an evernal view and then go back to the cockpit the mouse pointer comes back, its not a fix, but just trying to help you have a workaround.

Please devs, fix this. This is related with a bug introduced with SU5 where the cursor went to the top left corner, and sometimes even disappear, everytime we move around in the cockpit.
Now, that issue is partialy solved since SU6-SU7. The cursor doesn’t go up again to the top left corner, but it still disappears.

this is CRITICAL to fix. there are workaround but think of all the thousands of people who don’t realize this is an Asobo bug and think their system is having serious issues, and may decide to even quit playing altogether.

If I was new to a game and has a severe play-limiting bug appear non-stop, I’d absolutely move on to other things. Please take the time to fix this bug.

I don’t think this is a “bug.”

When I move the mouse, the cursor appears. After a period of inactivity, it disappears. I love it!

Who wants the cursor to be in view in the cockpit once you’re finished using the mouse?

No, you are wrong, we are talking about an actual bug. That what you say is a feature.

BUT, there is a bug where the mouse randomly disappear when moving inside the cockpit. We are talking about this bug:

no, different thing. this is where even when you move your mouse, the cursor does not come back in tne sim and you can no longer interact with the cockpit

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Really? Does this work in VR too?