Will performance be addressed in Sim Update 10?

Between SU6 and SU7 performance was quite allright I believe.
But now we are experiencing lower average fps across the board, and there is this issue where fps drops over time.
Would love for this to be answered, thanks in advance.

Agreed. I have worse performance after the update. I7-9700k @ 5Ghz and 3080.

Since SU9 a lot of people even with high-end hardware experience bad performance in comparison to SU8.

  • Stutters when panning the camera
  • Sudden stutters when flying (drop from 45 to 30 but recovering after a few seconds)
  • Poor performance on ground
  • Poor performance due to clouds

My System: i7 9750h, RTX2080, 16GB RAM
There are a lot of screenshots and videos in this thread which show all kind of problems.


exactly my issue with a RTX 3090 FE, core i9 10900X, 32 gb memory @3200mhz speed.
Sim is gradually getting worst in performance and a single change like adding a new aircraft throws in into a CTD frenzy. Unless you get new hardware. you setting should be “SET it and FORGET it” Period.


Performance will be addressed in SU10 as it includes DX12 optimizations and DLSS for RTX users at least.

Personally I have the best performance ever with the current patch as I suffered from low FPS on ground, on approach and during long flights. The 4.5h flight with the PMDG BBJ yesterday went all well so I really cannot complain :wink:

Performance MUST get addressed in SU10 it’s unbelievable how we arrive to this state of the sim without any word of Asobo/Microsoft.


First thread after they improve perf after SU10.

“Sim is literally destroyed, it’s fsx graphics now, I’m done Asobo you have lost my business for the umpteenth time”

Calling it.


Given how SU9 has absolutely nuked the simulator for Xbox, I hope third party developers are questioning if its worth commissioning production of third party add ons for a simulator which has become so grossly unstable.

FMCs not working
GPS flight plans not loading with base planes
No planes with steam guages/DME
STARs not appearing
Poor performance leading to CTDs

The hotfix hasnt been a success. SU10 needs to nail it.


Can only hope - SIM 10 is next week I believe.

We can only hope lol

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Not to mention the logbook doesn’t save the flight hours all the time…

Sorry, Sim Update 10 is in July. Next week is World Update 9. My hope is that the development team is able to isolate more issues and release a second hotfix.


Oh yes ofc WORLD UPDATE 9 - we I agree - I hope they sort other things out with that WORLD UPDATE.

TBH I would rather they never do updates and keep the sim the same if there are no issues…


Totally agree: i9 9900k 3080ti

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No problem! For the last few updates, they have not made code changes with world updates, so if this update follows the same pattern, there will only be scenery and airport changes with this update. So my hope is for another hotfix before SU10.


I don’t see any problem with SU9. 9700K @4.8, GTX 1080ti, 64GB RAM. Doing 3-4 hour flights - not a single crash, no drop in performance. What am I doing wrong?


Is this cynical remark really necessary?


You are one of the lucky ones then, have fun.

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Altough my performance is still fairly good, there is no denying the following regressed:

  • Panning drops FPS, even with caching on Ultra.
  • Any flight longer than 1 hour will gradually drop FPS
  • When on the ground it stutters way more than before

Asobo needs to sort this stuff out, otherwise they can churn out world updates, planes and other stuff out with no one playing it.

Fix the bugs and performance before anything else.


As long as I tell the simulator my 16-thread CPU is a potato, my performance is fine.

The panning issue is weird. Maybe they broke something of the offscreen caching functionality.
My FPS are not that bad either, but I get a lots of stutters without reason during flying.

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