Will previous World Updates be upgraded if better data is available?

There are still patches of bad or incorrect imagery and data in previous World Updates. As a Norwegian I especially see a lot of places here that are of dissapointing quality. I hope to see improvements in satellite imagery and photogrammetry cities. I wonder if these areas will be improved if better data is available or if it stays ‘as is’?

Jorg has already made it clear they’ll be circling back around eventually. Not necessarily after going complete full circle - like they may go back to a country they already did before they complete all the countries. It just all depends on how much new data is available to make the effort worthwhile


I bet, it will come faster than we can imagine. A few days ago (?), Google announced an upcoming version of google maps using photogrammetry. The teaser was very, very promising. - Bing cannot stay behind !
Though in my humble opinion, the sim is already near perfect for the hardware of today. And next year, with the upcoming NVIDIA Deep Learning Dynamic Super Resolution in Jan. 2022 (DL-DSR), RTX 4000, PCIe 5.0, …and so on, the future for msfs 2020 will be brighter than ever before.

Bye, Walter

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That sounds very promising!:+1:
At its best the sim looks fantastic, so we know its capacities. Looking forward to what the future brings for this.

To add to this information, he said in an older Q&A that they are planning a second USA World Update (maybe for 2022) with new data they got shortly after releasing the first one, and although he said in an interview that they won’t be touching the UK again for a while, he has confirmed that they do have some new data and that he wants to redo London at some point.


Hopefully, the USA improvement will also reflect in better FPS…certain parts of the States seem to be frame rate killers…eg NW area…to name one.

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The performance issues, especially on the ground (not limited to the USA but definitely the worst there) seem to be caused by several bugs, like having specific World Update photogrammetry cities installed. I think they are caused by problems in the code, instead of inherent issues of the data. It would probably take a Sim Update to fix that.

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Yes, it will be very interesting to see. In general I think USA looks quite good after touring most of it virtually in GA aircraft. :slightly_smiling_face: But it’s no surprise that USA has the best data. As I mentioned initially Norway really suffers from bad and missing data. Not everywhere but in many areas.

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Indeed, the Nordics World Update was the most disappointing one I feel. Norway, despite not having high-resolution mesh, suffers from terrible morphing as well. I hope it will be revisited at some point.

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Yes, indeed! I watched the videos you linked to and it’s absolutely horrible! That was extreme examples of morphing. And that “stretched” texture on the mountain sides looks like taken from FSX or earlier. I really hope this will be better going forward.

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