Will SU6 fix wrong ICAO code?

I have found several small airfields with a wrong ICAO code but there is no way (even at level of Scenery Editor) to fix it

I have reported some of them through Zendesk but I have not seen any change to them during the different releases of MSFS

Will SU6 fix them as well ?

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What airports are these?

Do you have examples please? I’d like to cross-check this against a different Navdata set (Navigraph).

For example the airfield LILF (Castelnuovo Don Bosco) is identified as LIBU in the Sim and the real LIBU is an airfield in the centre of Italy named again with a wrong code in the SIM


I’ll check this when I’m back at my flying PC later today. If you have a few more, please list. Thanks.

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To answer your question directly, though… It’s very unlikely that they’ll be fixed in SU6, especially if you only just reported them. SU6 is basically done. It’s possible it’ll be fixed in the next 6 months.

I don’t mean that as a derision or suggest it should be fixed sooner, it’s just, there’s lots of work to do and there’s lots of other work with higher priority. I’m also not saying it won’t get fixed sooner.

Well, it’s definitely the underlying BGL files (which contain airports among other simobjects), because it’s the exact same error in Navigraph with AIRAC 2110 Rev.1.

So - not a perfect fit, but I would suggest you place your corrections in this thread:

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