Will the achievements / activities mess ever be fixed?

One of the aspects that has gotten worse since release is undoubtedly the achievement and activities tracking.
With SU5 update I have lost about 200 h of flight log (packages out of date bug) then I lost another ~50 h with another disconnection occurred after SU7 installation. Along with the hours, all the progress I made with bush trips and landing challenges has gone. It seems that some logs are stored locally and others online, and they are not synced. A total mess which I have not seen in any other game.
This has an impact also on achievements tracking: for example I have completed all the landing challenges with A or B scores - except Dusseldorf (C score) which is currently UNPLAYABLE due to the recent changes they made on the wind / gusts effect on the 747 - and the ingame Greased achievement tracking says 33/39. Steam log says 87/100 which doesn’t even correspond to 33/39. There is no way to know which landing challenges have not been registered of course.
Also, My Way achievement doesn’t work at all. I have tried 20-30 x 300+ miles flights with all the required parameters (I also followed online guides from people who got this achievement with past SU).

Many many people are in the same situation and Asobo is not even working on a fix.

I believe the community deserves to know Asobo’s position on this.

Update: Just got a B in Dusseldorf landing challenge.
Now I have ALL 39 landing challenges completed with A or B scores and the achievement is still at

When will these issues be addressed?


I have the exact same issue as you and many others have with the Dusseldorf 747 Challenge. It is totally unplayable due to the crazy speedtape fluctuations and the plane rocking around as if it was a Cessna 150. hope that it gets fixed soon by MS.

With 5 votes it will never be fixed :slight_smile: