Will the GA pushback driver ever get fixed after 1.9.3?

Ever since 1.9.3 the GA pushback drivers look the opposite way when pushing back to connect the tow truck to the aircraft. Thought this would be fixed by now but I guess if we don’t say anything it becomes irrelevant. Anyone on Asobo can see this has been affected after 1.9.3. Any GA flight where you need a push back you can see the problem. It’s minor compared to the other major things that need attention just the same it was working fine before 1.9.3 and this is another example of more has to be added to Asobo’s plate as someone on the team played around with this and affected a perfectly working feature.

Granted it is not a major problem, as it is only cosmetic and does not affect the aerodynamics or the aircraft UI.

However, the amount of work that must have gone into getting it working originally (as well as looking great) is now wasted due to what must be a minor flaw in the programming.

It might just as well have been omitted in the first place, and all the effort put into the more important aspects, many of which have been known to be defective since before launch.

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They don’t want to see the propeller as it takes their head off.

I know, right?! This one irritates me more than most other issues in the sim, seriously.

Ground crew are “r-word” at best. From the idiotic pushback carts to people walking around and right into your propeller, it’s an annoyance to the point that I ignore them or even purposely try to run them over.

And then there are the ground vehicles that can be seen casually racing around anywhere from the apron, taxiways, to the actual runways.

I ignore them for the time being. They don’t cause any crashing so there’s no impact (pun intended) to colliding with them. I realize this is a minor issue in the grand scheme of things, and I’d rather resources being put into things that actually affect gameplay. But I do hope these get fixed sooner rather than later.

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This looks to be fixed with the release of v1.10.7.0. Great work!