Will The Map Updates Work Offline?

I’m new, I’m not sure if the World Updates are the scenery packs or not. What I want to know, if I download the various ‘World Updates’ from the Marketplace, will they make a visual difference in their respective countries if I play with the data features turned off?

The world updates have been released for the PC at frequent intervals, they have brought good improvements to the visuals as well as new POI’s and sometimes airports too. I’m not sure if you are on PC or XBOX, but data features turned on will make a big difference to visuals on PC, I don’t have XBOX so not sure there.

I’m on Xbox. I have a limited data cap, so I was wondering, for example if I downloaded the Nordic update, would it make any difference at all offline?

New POIs, new Airports. Maybe some new autogen buildings.

That’s what I wanted to know,thank you.