Will the servers hold up 27th

I have never had server problems for downloading any updates on MSFS, and so don’t believe to have any on 27th. I’ve always been finger on button, when new updates arrive and everyone of them went smoothly. So it might be other problems than servers, people are having?


I seriously doubt there will be an impact. After all, where can anyone even buy an Xbox?


That’s a really good point. Perhaps the only people we would find online would be the scalpers, and the recently scalped?

Around 6 million Series X & S’s exist in the wild. What percentage of those will be piling into MSFS we’ll see soon enough.

that’s the first thing i did firing up the sim back on launch day.
luckily i live in a photogrammetry area so not only is the apartment building i live in is in the sim, so is my car in my assigned/paid parking spot. :grinning:


On a slight tangent, will Xbox users still have the same update mechanisms as PC users? I.e - the game needs to be launched and active in order for it to actually download the update? Steam users can’t play anything else whilst it downloads…

And even as someone who doesn’t own a Xbox, I already know that would NOT sit well with the console crowd.


Tbe way we have to fetch & download ourself the new world updates, after the update, will cause a lot of problèm/ whininning from the console croud.
Its not intuitive at all
Should have a popup that ask if we would like to download the new free content 1st time we open the game after a WU


LEGACY flight model should NOT be a thing on console.
At all!


With Xbox, updates usually download seamlessly when I’m not playing, and if it’s happening while I’m playing, it doesn’t prevent that. I’d be surprised if MSFS is any different. :thinking:

Agreed. There’s nothing wrong with barn storming. I tried in the Extra. It was funny when I went to land and was looking for flaps. Non to be found. I went to Youtube for a vid on how to land it and the guy was literally cutting the throttle abeam of touch down point and gliding and side slipping it in for the rest of the pattern to touch down.

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You got lucky. My car is sitting in the parking lot where I work. According to MSFS I work twenty four hours a day.


I think we should all jump in our fastest jets for the launch period and buzz popular airports in multiplayer traffic.

It would be worth it just for the comments from newcomers on the forum asking how other players can get their Bonanza’s to go so fast…


I’m not speaking for everyone here but for me, gamepass enables me to select and put the game into my downloads list, it’s installed a 100 odd mb file already and when the day comes it will automatically install the whole image as soon as its available. I couldn’t imagine that everyone interested is going to have it cued and downloading simultaneously with all the different regions and time zonez. I could be wrong though, this is the first game I’ve set up to install this way. I’ll be playing my first few weeks with multiplayer off among other settings so I can enjoy and concentrate on the task at hand.

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Ha, make no mistake, the servers are going to hell in a handbasket on the 27th, and taking everyone trying to update with them.That’s for sure, based on all the hype and MS’s track record.

I’ll probably just drop in on the various forums and YouTube to see everyone’s impressions for the first few days.

I have way too much work to do for the next few weeks, so I won’t be able to play anyway.

don’t worry. microsoft own their own azure cloud.

the servers will be easily scaled up as needed based on the traffic or workload volume


Azure … you do know that the Azure is so overloaded that MS is experimenting with running the machines while enclosed in Liquid Nitrogen ( I believe the test bed is in Utah)…


I doubt there will be any server issues at all on launch day, at least any that the general public will notice.


It’ll hold, knowing Microsoft’s tech stack the backend data delivery is most definitely configured to autoscale based off need. I expect that they’ve already signed off on performance testing with expected load.


Is there a certain time of day games get released on xbox or does it depend on what region you live in? Game pass quests seem to get updated at 1pm EST everyday so wasn’t sure if thats when games get released too as I’m new to xbox. Recently swapped to fiber optic internet as we were fed up with Comcast keep jacking their prices up and are now getting over 400mb/s download, although there must be a cap of what the xbox can handle as it seems to take 15 seconds per GB when I’m installing a game off of Game pass. If it is 1pm I might have time to download it and do some training missions before heading to work at 2:30.

Nevermind, I just saw it’s going to be at 11:00am and will be 147.6 GB approx

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What time zone?