Will the way in which the sim loads mods ever be changed?

I expect it’s been discussed somewhere before, but we all know that once you exceed something like 100 mods the load time starts to increase dramatically.

Is there any chance this will ever be improved or the way it loads things changed etc? I know there are mod managers but I love to jump around the world and quitting and reloading the sim is far from ideal.


Having 160gb and 100 add-on’s now in community and a few MS Store bought things (removed a couple) and load times aren’t worse then before with much less add-on’s. Dont know how this will be in years to come though. Maybe there will be a way to activate add-ons in the menu. A worse problem is the (constant) marketplace scanning if you have a add-on or not.

There’s two aspects to this that haven’t really been addressed yet:

  1. Order load of Mods (which right now is arbitrary or can be influenced by folder renaming workarounds)
  2. Mod version compatibility check - i.e., find a way for a mod to interrogate the sim version number and if not supported (i.e., it’s too old or too new), disable itself and inform the user to obtain the latest version.

These two things would go a long way toward easing interoperability (mods stepping on mods, as well as mods interacting with the sim).

What it won’t likely do is resolve the long loading times. Respectfully, reading that someone has over a quarter of a Terabyte or more of add-ons/mods and waits over thirty (30) minutes for the sim to load is…bemusing. That’s not my idea of a good time, but to each their own. It’s just inefficient and a loss of leisure time that is usually hard-earned and short in supply.

Do you really use or need 100 mods at the same time for a flight?

Try this: MSFS Addons Linker • Microsoft Flight Simulator

Select only the mods needed for a flight and load problem solved.

Also when updating MSFS, deactivate all mods and Community will be clean.

Exactly – talk about OVERKILL !!!

I don’t plan flights or anything, I fly GA and like to jump around the world map without having to reload the game all the time.

well, if you’re not reloading the sim all the time, then a single long startup time isn’t too much of a worry?

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