Will there be discounts?

Will MSFS join the regular discount sessions like Black Friday, summer sale, winter sale etc? Or will these prices go on as they are?

Unless MS/Asobo gives a formal reply no-one here has a crystal ball, so we can’t answer the when.

But it is pretty much a given that software will receive discounts if they are on the market long enough. But when that moment will arrive… you’ll just have to wait and see I’m afraid.


It is on sale at BestBuy Physical Stores - https://www.reddit.com/r/GameDeals/comments/ixi6yk/best_buy_microsoft_flight_simulator_standard/?depth=4

Of course there will be price reductions. As the other poster said, it is simply a question of how long until it gets cut.

One of the biggest reasons I’m so annoyed is that I paid full price for a half-done product, when I could have waited and paid half price for a mostly-done product.

EDIT: hendis55 is correct.

Trust me, you will never consider FS2020 fully-done…

If you currently have an active game pass subscription, you can now buy to own MSFS at a 20% discount (from the Microsoft Store):

Standard: $47.99
Deluxe: $71.99
Premium Deluxe: $95.99

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Thats *****

Wow, if that is true, it´s a kick in the balls to all “loyal” simmers, who did the pre-order to get access and to support the product.

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Not really. We wanted it, we got it. Never pay attention to sales… that new car you just bought will go on sale 2 days later, every time. Just get what you want and forget about the cost after.

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Well, this is not surprising, since this has always been the case. Titles released by Microsoft on gamepass gets discounted for subscribers after a while.

That´s true if you are relating to anything like a car, but I´ve experianced it different for software, don´t you?
The pre-orders are normally cheaper in pricing to get people early in, as the later “regular” sales price.
Even after one month, after release the product, pricings are more or less stable. I agree on that that the price is decreasing after a while, otherwise you still need to pay a lot of money for the FSX :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

well that’s unfortunate, just bought it yesterday for full price 119 in Steam… ah well

cant you refund it and buy it again?

Black Friday is normally a good opportunity to pick up a bargain, there have been sales on the Microsoft Store in previous years and third party developers often take part too.

Halloween sale maybe?