Will there be some A310 liveries on the Marketplace?

Many people ask this question, especially Xbox players. Will we be able to buy liveries from 3rd party developers via the in-game marketplace ? Because currently, without liveries, this plane seems a bit boring to fly in the long term.

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Of course there will be. Why wouldn’t they make them? Various developers such as 4simmers have made liveries for other aircraft, including the default A320. So I can’t see why they wouldn’t for the default A310.

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I guess the marketplace will soon be crowded with livery packs by the usual suspects…

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I hope you’re right, I’m just afraid that the fact that this is an aircraft developed by iniBuilds and not by Asobo themselves makes it impossible to make liveries

You can get additional liveries thrue the iniManager. Here to download it: https://www.inibuilds.com/inimanager Is for free.

That doesn’t help OP much as being on Xbox - there is no ini manager, just the market place.

I admit I found the official A310 trailer a bit misleading. I can understand the passenger cabin not being available on Xbox, but I expected the liveries that are shown in iniBuilds’ video. Air Transat and one or two others if I recall. They made them, they are there, so I don’t know why they can’t be available on Xbox. Even as a separate pack – heck, I’m sure many people would even pay for them a small amount, if free is not an option.

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There’s a pink elephant in the room. They’ve once again found a way to make Xbox users pay. It’s a little cheap to not give us some real liveries as standard, come on. It wouldn’t surprise me if we get flooded with packs by Christmas and it would all appear to be by design. By all means these planes are already bought and paid for by us.

I ask for the Xbox users ! We can’t download liveries via iniBuilds. We have to use the in game marketplace

I’ve asked on the A310 thread and I think it’s unlikely we’ll get them from Inibuilds, there just isn’t a mechanism for them providing them. I suggested as part of a patch but of course it’s like the A320neo situation where due to licensing issues real liveries won’t be provided to us. So I guess we’re left yet again with buying what would be free and potentially better (if Inibuilds livery) to PC platform users.

I just hope I’m not tempted to buy the first but low quality offering…

This has never been explained well for obvious reasons, but it’s interesting that we can’t get free liveries directly, but it’s fine for other developers to sell them at a profit on Microsoft’s marketplace. I guess that’s better than no liveries at all, but it’s odd. I guess it’s just risk management.

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There is one option:

Someone raises a wishlist(?) Topic like Allow Inibuilds A310 liveries to be freeware on Marketplace for Xbox users

Don’t know how many votes it’d get but I imagine the A310 is going to be pretty popular, and there’s the recent hype of the 40th anniversary edition to help traffic onto such a wishlist topic…

I would like to get the same liveries they showed us in the trailer for example, on Xbox. I know that there are differences, performance related, from PC to Xbox, but we on Xbox had also liveries with a good resolution. I saw on the Inibuilds discord they said it is because of licensing… Isn’t it the same license for both platforms??? I mean if the aircraft is Inibuilds/Microsoft on both platforms, why is there a difference on licensing ??? Something I don’t understand.

On that forum they redirected us to Microsoft to ask for liveries for the A310.

I hope someone form Microsoft/Asobo read this and maybe could help us or provide me maybe with s clarification

I don’t understand why Asobo doesn’t include a large collection of real world liveries with any of their planes. The problem with buying liveries from third party developers both in and outside the Marketplace, is that only people who purchased that exact same livery from the same developer can see those liveries in the Sim world.
For example if you download a Delta Airlines livery from the inBuilds app, everyone on Xbox and everyone who didn’t download that same livery will just see a ugly Orange and Yellow generic plane, and it likely won’t even be a A310, but it will be A320 or 787. And for me that just diminishes the immersion . I really hate the those generic planes! What’s the point of buying a fancy and cool livery if No one can see it?


Msfs is not a multiplayer friendly Flight simulator at the moment imo…

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The answer to this apparent mystery is MS is comfortable hosting liveries on the marketplace of real world airlines if a 3rd party developer makes it, but they won’t do it first party as they’re more risk averse in that situation and won’t want to pay for permission. It’s an odd position when you think about it, but consistent with how many other platforms work online.

So unfortunately that means no liveries for Xbox players outside of payware on the marketplace, or maybe 3rd party freeware longer-term once that gets set up.

I never expected free liveries, I was just wondering if 3rd party developers were going to create liveries and make them available on the marketplace. Of course, I know these won’t be free, but I have no problem with that.

Interesting though because don’t xplane provide liveries as default? Would assume Microsoft’s power would make it financially viable to license if xplane do?