Will there ever be an option to postpone updates?

I have a YouTube channel where I make documentaries about aviation accidents and incidents. I mainly use X-plane to simulate the incidents, because I can’t trust that MSFS will even load, or load a plane when I need it to.

I have sponsors for my videos, and if I don’t publish videos by the date we agree on, I don’t get paid. By using MSFS, I literally risk losing thousands of dollars every month, because I have no control over whether the sim will load after an update.

This is a massive shame, because when MSFS does work, it’s so much better than X-plane.

Is there any way that updates can be held off on until a certain date? I publish videos every Sunday, and this means that if I knew that there was an update, I would wait until after the video was uploaded to install it. That gives me a week to troubleshoot any issues before the next vid.

I know MS/Asobo doesn’t want users on different versions, but even if they allowed people to postpone an update by a week or two before making it compulsory, this would at least give people some control over the process.

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Use search.
Asked, answered multiple times.


If there weren’t any front-end/back-end server/client-related changes to the code then they could implement delayed updates. But I suppose it’s just easier for them to manage everyone on the same version.

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Is the answer to start in offline mode? Will I be able to use photogrammetry then?

Nope… photogrammetry is downloaded while you fly.

There will never be an option to postpone updates. HethrMasn is correct, on every update, the way your MSFS is talking to the online server is also changed. They can’t keep up servers for all versions.

If they offered it as an option under the proviso you would have no access to online features, and this would have to be spelled out very clearly on a pop-up windows so no body could claim they didn’t know what this did.

The sim would run without any MP features, no live weather, no Azure TTS, no multiplayer, no live traffic, no PG or ortho scenery. It would be purely offline.

I’ve had the odd update over the last few years fail to be detected, and the sim launches but remains on the previous version. All online features are greyed out, including the Marketplace, which I forgot about on my list above. It would work exactly like that.

Take a break until the new xplane comes out, then work with that, it looks just as if not prettier then MSFS but only time will tell. They already seem behind schedule though.

I See A Lot And Lot Of People Are Willing To Stop Playing This Game for good If Asobo Studio Didn’t Manage To Solve The Issues.

They Should Stop World Updates immediately And Focus On Releasing Several Hotfixes That Covers All The Bugs of SU9 Than start Releasing World updates later after several testing this is the only strategy that Microsoft Flight Simulator And #AsoboStudio Should Take or they’re going to lose a lot of people.

to be honest if you like it or not MFS2020 Is dying slowly and i love this simulator so much they have to postpone world updates for a while inorder to focus on bug fixes only

They should stabilize the simulator before adding new world updates and content



I understand it’s a bug software but did you look around before posting this

Imagine having a car which develops a fault. You take it to the garage and after they work on it, you drive down the road and it is still not right. So you take it back. And it happens again. And again. And again. Also you have a loan on the car for years to come. You hope that it will be fixed before the whole term of the loan passes, and finally you tell the garage to keep it there until they address all the issues.

This is MSFS.

We have been told it is a ten year project. We hope that it will be stable long before the ten years comes to an end. Ten years of the current approach will be like a dripping tap in the middle of the night driving some people crazy.

The apparent fundamental flaws in both product and approach do need addressing. The original poster is not using hyperbole in the suggestion that the product is slowly dying before our eyes. At the very least it might grind to a halt as a victim to its own cumulative errors.

Like that poster, I love this sim. To be more accurate I love the franchise. 34 years this has been my main hobby. For seven years it was my sole income as a third party company owner. I do not want it to implode through imperfect approaches which might be motivated by return on investment policy more than the striving for product stability.

This has been stated ad infinitum by long term FS enthusiasts. But it does not get addressed, and often those expressing this view are denigrated by others.

But, when every update causes more issues, and old issues are left to fester, it is highly questionable to believe that the same approach (if continued) will render a different result in the long term.


“Willing” to stop needs to be changed to “Have” to stop.

I have no choice in the matter and I was forced to do so…the game is unplayable for me in it’s present state.


Are you going to have some “Save the Simulator!” tee-shirts made?

Maybe start a non-profit?

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World Updates have no effect at all on bugs. There is a Microsoft team that just handles DEM and photogrammetry updates. Jorge just talked about they hired a bunch of new people for that team. Notice it is a MICROSOFT team, not an Asobo one. Orbx and Gaya do the landmarks. Perfect Flight does the bush trips and the landing challenges.

None of those people listed have anything to do with fixing bugs, or making the sim more stable.

Now, there does for this world update appear to be a new Blackshark.ai algorithm in play for base terrain. This has resulted in the trees in the cities. But outside the cities in Italy, there is a huge difference and it is much better. That is why Malta is so stark a comparison. That new algorithm wasn’t run on Malta, so if you compare the old algorithm (Malta) against the new (Italy) there are very noticable differences. But again, this is a different team than Asobo.

The easiest way to understand why this will never happen is just to remember that in effect, MSFS is an online game. Much like an MMO… Every person must be on the same version or everything would be out of sync.

For instance, suppose a change to the data for weather injection, or terrain elevations was applied to the servers, and only some of the users took the client side update. Then weather would be broken for everyone who didn’t take it.

It is the nature of this type of software that the updates need to be in sync. Older sims didn’t use this approach, and thus didn’t need to force updates. But those days are over, and its a whole interconnected system. No update, no online services.

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